Monday, October 27, 2014

(Another) PKW Hollingday (Normanville Beach) Pawt 2 (final)

I LOVE THE BEACH.   I ADMIT IT. So much so - I am going to FILL this post with me and stuff at the BEACH. As you know we just had 10 nights at the Normanville caravan park ... so you can just imagine how MANY TIMES I got to go to the beach. Here's just some of the stuff I got up to.

Here is me and dad dad leaving the PKW and going to the beach.

You got my tennis ball and the plastic throwing thingy???

Across the bridge, along the river, then over the sand dunes .....

Here I am runnin' around dad dad's legs and gettin' him all ready for the funs!!

Throw it dad dad!!!!

Sometimes I had to go swimmin' to save my ball! I liked it!

I made furiends on the beach. This one was chasin' a seagull while I was chasin' my ball.

This is a local Westie cross ... we sniffed stuffs togethers.

I then joined in a game of "chase and fetch" the balls with the big doggies. I loves big doggies .... the man who came with these dogs said I am a "big dog in a little dog body" and was impressed at my good manners around them.

Sometimes we chased their blue ball, other times we chased my tennis ball.

Check out SHARNI. She and I got along real well too. Her breathing sounded like a truck snoring ... and she was very into her "ball at the beach" games too.

She was little - but she packed a punch. Her ball even had a chunk bitten out of it but she didn't care.

Here is an action shot of us "takin' off"

Her peeps were nice. They were camping in the dune sites in a tent.

Mum says this shot "says it all". It's the pure joy in my face when one of my peeps has the ball ... and is about to throw it for me!

This next furiend was very good at swimming out to her ball, and bringing it back...

Here I am greeting her in the shallows.

 Dad dad is fussing with me ... while the man in the red hat was watching dolphins swimming and fishing close to shore.

There were peeps riding horses.

And this picture is for my new furiend from Noosa, Queensland, Charlie!

I found two of these crabs - but was more interested in my tennis ball. I bet Charlie would have loved to play with the crabs!

So there you have it .... with all that action packed adventure - who WOULDN'T love the BEACH. 

I'm a lucky pup because I get to go to the beach quite often. Our next PKW adventure is in the late summer in the new year and we are going to a new beach and bay.

I cannot wait.

*** I am Rubie, a mini schnauzer, and I am addicted to THE BEACH! *** 


  1. I luv going to da beach too, but it are real far away.

  2. That's a fangtastic adventure. We could just imagine you racing around chasing balls and friends...ahhhh, what fun!

  3. Paradise Rubie, that is simply paradise.

  4. Lucky you Rubie you sweet little beach bum. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. That is the one thing mom misses more then the beach. Hey have you guys been down to Kingston and robe ....there are two great caravan parks right there on the beach

  6. You are a true Beach Bum, Rubie! You had such a was written all over your face (and your wet and sandy furs)! I cannot wait for your next beach adventure!

  7. We love the beach too. All those smells and the sand! Whooa
    Lily & Edward

  8. Oh Rubie!! What a fun day! I, Pinot, would LOVE LOVE LOVE to join you! I love water and fetch! I can play with you 24/7!!!

    Me.... Momo, I will take your pictures! hehehe....

    Momo & Pinot xo

  9. OMD RUBIE.... the BEACH... with FURENDS and your BALL... and you found CRABS... and went swimming...
    DARN GIRRRRL... this has it ALL..

  10. I love the beach too, but its been a long time since I was there.
    I am glad you posted these photos so I can see the beautiful beach too!
    You look so happy!

  11. Crikey Rubie ..... what a great time you are having, aye? And you caught a crab for me. AND one for you too. That's mighty good huntin' Rubie. Thankyou so much for taking the time and trouble to think of me and mention me on your blog. That was so nice of you!! I just know we are going to be the best friends. Things aren't too good for me at the moment but you'll read all about it on my blog real soon. Mum's a bit pushed for time at the moment. Mum and Dad and our Harri (He's at The Bridge now) have been down around the beaches near where you are now. They tell me it is very beautiful and I can see it is from your pictures. You sure look happy in that 'says it all shot', aye??
    Reilly and Denny mentioned Kingston and Robe. Mum, Dad and our Harri have been there. They loved it!!

  12. What a fangtastic time! That Sharni is built like a tank, isn't she? BOL!


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