Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stuff that is going on in my Garden.

Hiya all,

Mum and dad dad were so proud. Their Nectarine Tree developed a huge BUMPER crop of yummers fruit that looked great.

See - that's the tree behind me in the very hot sunshine.

We are still puffing(dawgs) and schwitzing(peeps) here in our record high temperatures. 

See the beautifuls sweet fruits on the tree. The peeps were lickin' their lips looking forward to them.

Then these feathered guys moved on in and ......

Soon the fruits were lookin' like this !!

And the pavers smelt good with shredded Nectarine stuff spewed everywhere!!

Mum and dad dad were not happy ..... but I pointed out that the birdies were just trying to feed their little birdies!! (plus eat a little themselves)

The peeps were not happy my furiends.

So I direct your attention to the vegie patch.

Here we are having more success. The old sheets are preventing the scorching sun from stewing the tomatoes and frying the leaves in the 40 (104F) plus temperatures.

Here is my favourite patio tomato bush. It produces little baby cherry tomatoes which I can pick myself!!

But mum didn't like it when I started ripping off bits of the branches to get to them!! Bol! So now SHE does the picking for me.

Oh Yummers!

See - those birdies didn't get these!! Yaaahoooo!

And there are plenty more to come on yet.

I know Frankie and Ernie's mom will be very jelly to see our Tomatoes ..... they are very cold over there at the moment. Warm up soon Aunty Lana!!


  1. You must be doing some irrigating! The lemon tree that comes into our garden doesn't seem to be producing much fruit this year. We haven't had your temps (yet....looks like the end of this week, though)

    Love those rainbow lorikeets!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. We long for a good harvest after two seasons of bad weather. Hopefully this year we will have a good one. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Your birdies are beautfiul. I am kinda glad they are getting well nourished.
    I bet those tomatoes taste divine, ripened in all that warm sunshine. You are a lucky girl Rubie.
    Here, we just get rain, rain and more rain.
    Toodle pip!

  4. sigh - it looks so warm there! What a great crop of tomato's to bad about the nectarines though - guess some netting is called for. The Rosellas sure are pretty though

  5. What yummy tomatoes.we love them too. Those darn birdies

  6. Nothing better than fresh fruit. What a cool bird

  7. OH Doggies, your own tomato plant, bet thy are super duper delis. What all you gots growing back there Rubie?

    The Mad Scots

  8. OMD OMD OMD RUBIE.... you are RIGHT our mom and DAD are BOTH going CRAZY over your BEAUTIFUL TOMATOES... THEY look so PERFECT... OMD

    Those are BEAUTIFUL Birdies... butt what a SHAME that they had to eat ALL of your fruit.
    WE WISH we could box up and send you some of this COLD and SNOW to help you COOL OFF and water your FABULOUS Plants.
    TRY to stay COOL... and ENJOY those healthy Tomatoes.
    Pee S... Ernie and I like to pull tomatoes off Also... We grab them and RUN and hide so mom won't Catch us and Scold us... butt RUBIE... these are OUR GARDENS and WE should be allowed to Pick. RIGHT?????
    No Worries.

  9. Rubie, those are beautiful birds that are eating your nectarines. What are they?!? Oh, I hope your mom understands that the little birdies need to eat yummy fruits too. Your tomatoes are doing FABULOUS! *high paw*

  10. OMD!! Gurl those tomatos are just amazin'!!! they are Ma's most favorite fruit!!! Well, after nectarines!! Yups, she LOVES them too!! And she would be just as mad if the burdies ate all the fruit too!! I mean, the nerves!! I sure hopes they left your peep SOME!
    I love the way your peeps put the sheets up! Great idea! Ma's gonna remember that one this summer!
    Ruby ♥

  11. Howdy Rubie, wowza and yaahoo your garden looks wonderful. Our angel Nana LOVED nectarines the best and you gave us a wonderful memory of her :-) Your tomatoes look sooo good. Enjoy mates. Keep cool with this heat. We hear next Thursday might be 47C! Yikes! Have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. yepper, those sure are some good looking tomatoes.

    xo Cinnamon


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