Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Play-Day.... the good and the B-A-D!!!

Another Monday, Wooo-Hoooo! Cousins Scarlet and Zoe and my uncie came over yesterday.

First, I will share with you some of the GOOD stuff:

Mum gives all of us some good Yummo chews to chew on, Nom Nom.

We get stuck into games and lots of bitey face, especially me and Zoe.

Uncie then picked me up and brought me into the swirling water box room, and brought out his toolbox, and soon there was buzzing and tickling noises on my ear...... HANG ON! I'm GETTING A HAIRCUTS!!!!  BAD, VERY BAD!!

More BAD - the cutting gets into full swing :-(

Apparently the humans now think I'm the new improved model of Rubie! I must say, the world is clearer now that I don't have hair blocking my vision.

Scarlet: I felt for ya mate when dad pulled hunks of hair out of your inner ears.....oooowwwwccchhh! I was helpless to assist! You took it like a trooper but.

Zoe: Hey Rubie, it wasn't just you, yesterday our dad cut Scarlet and I - and then - my beard got a shorter trim just after you were finished!! So I had two shots with the buzzy thing!!!!

Scarlet: I hate haircuts too! Dad reckons we get too hot and gather too many sticky stuffs in our furs in the warmer weather, so our hairs get cut fairly severely.....(sigh) (NB: see my new dagwood dog toy romping outside in Scarlet's photo.)

This is a photo of us at the end.... waiting for our "good girl" treats to cushion the blow of such hair cutting trauma. We do look good, don't we!! (Dagwood dog getting back into the shot)

Zoe: Well there is someone who doesn't look too good anymore - Rubie's new squeaky dagwood dog toy got somehow outside and rolled himself in the garden mulch - I'm sure we had NOTHING to do with it! 

Mum loves this photo of me though...... I am kinda gorgeous - even if they did chop off my hairs!!! Whadayareckon??


  1. I think you are gorgeous haircut or no haircut!!

    Cat Chat http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

  2. You definitely look good after your haircut! Much neater now. We do get our hair cut often as we have hot weather all year round. Our mummy has one of that buzzing thing too.

  3. Wish Coco has an uncie who could do that for her - very, very pretty!

  4. Hi! We just started our own blog, and we’re trying to visit every blog at Pet Blogs United. So far we’re on the R’s! We think you all look beautiful with your new fur cuts. Our Mama wants us doggies to get fur cuts someday, but we aren't sure we'd like it! What if our fur doesn't grow back????

  5. You look so cute nearly as cute as we do on haircut day


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