Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me and my Cousins

ZOE: Hey there, guess what day it is??? You got it! MONDAY PLAY DAY!!!! Scarlet and I just got here. Let the fun begin!

I love Mondays when my cousins come over - here we are having a three way schnauzer play with some of my toy basket stuff.

Then Zoe and I decided to get some organic grass matter from the garden, bring it in and tug and chew on bits of it together.....

Scarlet: I'd quit doin' that if I were you - you know auntie gets lines between her eyebrows when she sees you do that! Something about having to vacuum, clean... yadda yadda !

Ok then, let's take the fun outside - I'll race you to the stone steps Scarlet.... just check out my aerodynamic ear positions!
Scarlet: Very impressive, Rubie!

And when Zoe least expects it......I get ready to POUNCE on her!

And after a bit of "bitey face" we ponder what to do next. More garden stuff me thinks.

Zoe: Here is us doing our synchronised recliner snooze positions! We saw Sasha and Rupert doing this on their blog!
Scarlet: And we approve of Auntie's new crazy sheepskin patchwork thingys on the chairs - very comfy!

Scarlet: Hmmm, this chair has toys on it.....also good!

After dark, the humans and us went to the lounge room with the BIG flat screen for some TV viewing. My uncie is here contemplating eating a lemon shortbread cookie. I am also contemplating this...... and I SAY - LET'S EAT IT!!!!!!!!


  1. That's so much fun, in and out doors! We just love that synchronised recliner snooze positions!!

  2. these photos were precious!!! What a fun play day you had!! Nice to have doggie cousins!

  3. We just love visiting our friends for wild games. Looks like you had a great time.

    Hope you got some of that shortbread.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Yea - got some shortbread!! My cute face is hard to resist, and I was applying A LOT of pressure! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  5. those pictures are so cute Rubie. hugs from Canada

  6. I sure hope you got some shortbread cookie!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. I love your Monday playdates. They make me smile.

  8. The aerodynamic ears really tickled me....:)


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