Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Play Bonus

We had a bit of a summer storm yesterday, and it actually rained nearly all day! Mum seemed happy about this - something about the garden getting to have a good drink - but it was boring for me.

 Today dad and mum took me for a walk to let me sniff the world again, then.....

Look what else happened today........ auntie lynny came over with one of her furry kids - Zac the mini poodle. He's over 10 years old! He's never been over to visit me before:

Here he is - and I'm making my "crazy eyes" at him!! And he's not even FOOD! 

Come on Zaccy - let go of your mum and play with me! I'll show you my toy basket and the garden!

We played fetch with the tennis ball up and down the hallway..... he's won this time,

I win this round!!

Have we had enough of that now?

Here we are sniffing one another.....

HEY ZAC! Who told you you could go in my kitchen bed???!!!

It was a great play date, no bitey face though! Zac's mum is having humans over tonight and is cooking them yummers food - so she had to go home and do some stuff. Hope I get to see some leftovers!


  1. O hai! I think it's awesome that u has a noo friend. Hi dere, goggies! :)

  2. so nice to have friends over...

  3. You have the best play dates!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. We think Zac was making crazy eyes back at you. He certainly made himself at home.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  5. Zac looks like a good playmate. Hope you get some yummers food too!!

  6. I loved the crazy eyes! The shot of you guys running down the hall was good too. So cute. You're a lucky dog to have so many play dates!

  7. What an AWESOME, excuse me PAWSOME hallway! Rubie, you are one lucky dog!

  8. Rubie is a sweetheart because every dog seems to love her.


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