Monday, February 28, 2011

More Groomin' ..... and some play

It was time for our last "summer cuts" so when uncie, Scarlet and Zoe came over last week, I noticed they had fresh that meant only ONE thing:

Yep - another groomin' session - with the buzzy clippers. Yucch. At least uncie didn't yank hunks of hair outa my ears this time!

Scarlet and me waiting patiently by the dining table for our bits!

ZOE: This is the way I wait - I'm lying over the back of the couch, using the room divider as a chin rest! Then I can rest and wait at the same time. If I see any scoring by the other two - I'm there in a FLASH!

We are going to show you some mini schnauzer positions.... get ready

Scarlet doing the "reverse lean over Zoe" who's doin' the "flat lap, spillin' over the arm rest" position.

Zoe and me showing the "digging rear legs into uncie's lap and tummy" positon!

Scarlet demonstrating the "balance beam" along the top of the couch.

SCARLET: I was making my way to this little "cozy couch corner position".

No need to POKE your tongue out at us Scarlet!!!

This is the "too pooped to pop" position - a favourite of mine after a visit from Scarlet and Zoe (and uncie).

More positions to come! What are your favourites?


  1. We kind of ooze off the couch sometimes, or I do my bearskin rug pose.

    Must have been the weekend of clips. We were groomed, too. But we always get lamb delights as a treat, so it isn't too bad.

    Happy Autumn!

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. Jingle Bell likes the "flat lap, spillin' over the arm rest" position. Your uncie did a good job grooming all of you. We love your leggings in the first picture, they look so soft.

  3. I am so glad they are having fun! Life is not a military school and dogs need to walk on the sofas sometimes.

    Your haircuts are amazine, I forgot that summer is coming to an end in your part of the world while we are patientally waiting for some warth over here in New york.

    I am going to attempt to give Betsy a hair cut in the next few weeks. The groomer is charging too much so I just have to learn!

  4. Wow, your people do a really good job of grooming you. I need a haircut badly, but I sure don't like getting them!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. I'm so impressed at your uncle can groom you guys so well! Oscar is a big fan of the balance beam position. The cozy couch corner one and the too pooped to pop ones are pretty cute!

  6. Oohhh you look lovely!! PL2 wanted to go through the computer and kiss you in the pic of you laughing! We do the balance beam walk as well only be careful once I fell off!! Love and kisses A+A


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