Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THIS was supposed to be PLAY-DAY!!!!

Hello everyone and everypup,

I must take a deep breath before I type this post..... it was a tough tough day! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful readers and comment makers for all the words of moral support in my last post. You are wonderful. Especially my Dex.

ZOE: What the bark?????? How/why is this horror happening at Auntie's?????? Heeeellllpppppp!!!

SCARLET: Can't help ya sis, ........ I got thrown in the tub with ya! Not Happy!!

While the girls are dryin' off - I've been brushed and still OK with standin' on this little table...at the moment.

Yikes..... I've just got through most of my hair cuttin' - but I get real shirty when my head is bein' trimmed. 

This is your last few moments of feelin' happy and relaxed Zoe, your dad dad is gonna start up that buzzy clipper thingy soon!

ZOE: He loves me, he wouldn't do that, would he????

ZOE: Well - even though my dad dad loves me, he cut all my furs off even though I was all unhappy about it! And, Scarlet, I'd wipe that smile off your face...... coz you are NEXT!

SCARLET: Whaddayamean????   I'm gorgeous will all my furs on, he wouldn't buzzy clipper me!!

SCARLET: See, mini schnauzer perfection!!!!!!

SCARLET: Yikes!!!! I'm being groomed too!!! Hey! So much for not messing with perfection dad dad!!

Well Zoe - I'm checking your furs - and it's really short on your back.....

SCARLET: Whew - I'm outa that torture room - now give me a treat!!

ZOE: Look at my Goth lips!! My auntie loves them..... and where is my treat??

Aaaaahhhh - I may have already had my treats (I need support to get through THAT buzzy process) ....... but that doesn't stop me asking for more!

ZOE: Let's come over here and pose - we may score some of those dried liver noms......yummers! Sit and pose all nice like, girls!

Right we are all here, but Scarlet is too exhausted to sit - she needs to lie down - but we are all gonna get more treats! Such a traumatic day.

ZOE: Hey! I'm making a cool schnauzer shadow!!

** R.I.P. Furs **

(coffee cup is there for size reference)


  1. I sorry u has a baff. U look good, though.

  2. Ooooh, play day gone wrong?! But all of you sure look sharp after all that grooming!

  3. You do look adorable - all of you - but I'm one of those people who also loves the scruffy look :] Whenever we get Wookie groomed he always looks so embarassed to be so naked, haha.

  4. Only to say hello.

  5. Oooh that bathy thing is scarey. I can't believe how much hair you had buzzed off. Amazing. Mum says I will go to the hairdresser one day too. I hope I like it. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. Oh Rubie, Zoe & Scarlet - I know just how you feel with that bath and grooming :-( BUT you all look super lovely in your new trims and liver treats can always make the day seem better love from Magic xx

  7. OH I can NOT believe how you were duped into believing you were going to have a PLAY Day... Only to be tortured in this hideous manner. There is no limit to the treachery of some peeps.
    I do hate to say this... butt you look LOVELY.

  8. I don't like baths either but at least you're all clean and groomed now!

  9. Geez I knows that we looks good after the bath and trims BUT do they have ta take pictures??? Good thing we don't have thumbs and can take pics of them in the the bath! BOL

    You all look LOVELY!

    woos, Tessa

  10. Wow, that's a traumatic experience! I'm sure it was terrible, but I gotta say, you all look SO DARN GOOD!! Wooohooo Great trim job. Now it's over for awhile.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. ha ha ha, the 'goth lips', so funny! you guys all look great! isn't it funny what us schnauzer's faces actually look like? you can only see the actual head shape when we are bathed.

    ♥ yuki and rocket

  12. Wubie
    I had to look away, cause those pictoowes weminded me what is in my vewy neew footoowe, GULP,
    I think you and Scawlet and Zoe wewe all vewy bwave and I do think you look vewy pawfectly wondewful in the nd(but I aweady thought that at the beginning too)
    Can you tell me whewe I can get some of that goth lipstickie?
    I think that might cheew me up about the whole pwocess
    smoochie kisses

  13. I'm sorry that the bath & the clippers got you. You are very well behaved I won't even stand for one minute of hair combing before I'm biting & running away.

    You do look lovely with your new cuts, I hope you recover quickly.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. Hello My Rubie Lou! I don't know HOW we managed to miss this post - this PA will be getting the sack soon!

    You look even more beautiful, although however your furs are you're still sweet Rubie Lou :-)

    Have a lovely weekend, your Dex xxx


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