Saturday, June 23, 2012

The sky is crying / staying with uncie

You know it's winter here in Adelaide?? Well my furiends, we here in South Australia don't always get much rain fallin' from the sky. We ARE the DRIEST state in the DRIEST inhabited continent in the whole wide world. My state is fairly big....and most of it is classed as "arid". That's why most of our population live on the coast.

BUTT, we have had LOTS of rains here this month for a change. In fact we have had the wettest June here for years and years.......

Rain, rain, rain....

Runnin' into the storm water systems

Runnin' through my yard and down my moss rock steps!!

It has really interfered with my daily walking schedule. In fact, dad dad and I have often come home soaking wets.....makin' mum yell at my wet and muddy feets goin' through the house when we got home! He he he. That bit has been super fun.


Secondly, remember when my peeps insisted on going to Bright for their hollingday and left me to hollingday with uncie and Scarlet and Zoe???? That was last April. We finally want to show you some pictures....courtesy of uncie!

On the colder days we had to snuggle for warmth together under blankies and stuff.

Scarlet under the blankie.

This is us mucking about in the backyard and burning some calories.

There is lots of dirts available in uncle's backyard.......he used to have a big lawn....but that passed away  in the big drought when householders were not allowed to put any water on them. But we kinda like the big clumps of weedy grasses and's like a jungle!!

Problem is there are often "foot baths" happening before we can go back inside!

This is the first time I set eyes on this really cool doggie park near uncie's place. It has a section for big dogs.... and a section for pups and small dogs.....

We love running around in here meeting everyone....

Sometimes we meet fellow mini schnauzers!

Here I am dragging Scarlet and Zoe to play in the tunnels..... but they are skeered of them....

I'm not...... because I ran through tunnels at agility skool!

Look at this adorable photo....mum LOVES it!

Because this fellow mini schnauzer is light furred like me...... and this is rare here in Australia, his peeps were freaked out to meet me!

Here we are sayin' "Hi" to the big dogs on the other side of the fence.

Such a good time!!

So, uncie was sending pictures and texts to mum while they were away to show her I was happy and havin' a good time. The first night I kept going to the front door to wait for them....but then I settled into routine and was fine. So I have since given my peeps the OK to leave me at uncie's if I can't go with them. Just NOT that often!!


Back to the present......... I hope you are all in hard training for your events in the Blogville 2012 Olympics....... I'll be doing a reminder post soon!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx


  1. Well, I must say those are very good pictures, so worth the wait. I hope the rain works out to be a good thing and doesn't turn dangerous. It looks like a lot!

  2. Oh Ruby, it is such a relief not to have to read yet another post complaining about the heat wave. At least I can empathise with a 'too much rain' situation. Just tell your mum to chill when it comes to muddy paws in the house!
    Those action photos of you and Scarlet and Zoe are absolutely great, especially the one in the back yard. I can see that visits to uncie are not going to be too much of a hardship.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Hi Sis
    Its been raining here none stop and we have run out of Steps photos!!! we went on a walk with Boomerang on Thursday and we all got so muddy, mom only got to take a couple of photos with her point and shoot!
    Love the photos of your visit, my do Mom's and Dads think we miss them when we are elsewhere.
    Have a Good Week
    Love Bro xxx

  4. Well....least that rain isnt snow!! BOL Looks like fun playing with everyone. Keep dry ok?


  5. Your winter June looks exactly like our summer one! Deccy x

  6. Rubie , we have had the wettest April on record , a soggy May and a raining June , yuk. But glad you got rain as you probably need it. You and the guys looked like you had alot of fun. Have a great weekend.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Rubie girrrrl you could send some of that rain to me. We have not had any in two months.
    You really DID have a super time with your uncle and all the dawgs that you were able to meet and PLAY with. I would have LOVED to play in that super park with all of you.
    BUTT I am glad that you are not giving your mum permission to leave you TOO often.
    Ernie and I are ALl Saddled Up fur your EQUESTRIAN event.. I just hope we don't STIRRUP any trouble or stuffs. Or that Equestrian doesn't add additional REINS to your pawt of the world.. heheehehhee I made some FRANKIE FUNNIES... JUST fur YOU!!

  8. What great pictures! I wouldn't mind a little rain my way if you can spare some.

  9. Boy, it looks like you sure had a lot of fun at your uncie's! Nothing like playing with cousins.

  10. Do you think your uncie would let us stay with him? We'd love to check out that doggie park!

    Sam and Pippen

  11. We are waiting for the dog park accross the highway to open up. Hope it is as nice as yours! I want to meet some more doggies!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  12. Hi Sis
    Thanks for your visit, heck we are hoping tomorrow will bring sunshine paws crossed, we have one photo that mom took on Thursday with the point and shoot, mom says its a terrible photo, looks ok to us, don't worry we'll get something sorted. We might end up on the stairs at home!!
    Please if you have a photo send it in I haven't got anyone for next week :(
    We have our photo for your event, but moms photo shopped it!!! is the allowed? as we are not the keen on horse's!!
    Thanks Sis :)

  13. Good pics, Rubie! You look like you have the best time ever with uncie and your cousins!


  14. Mother Nature has been playing with weather everywhere, and I'm glad that you're not letting her stop you from having fun at that great park!!

  15. We totally understand that foggy, rainy weather. We haven't had as much as you. This morning we had a HUGE frost!

    Girl, if you have to be ABANDONED, sounds like your uncie's place is the greatest. We used to like our 'camp' (kennel) but after seeing the accommodation of other Blogville dogs, we're having a rethink!

    We think that phot is great, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  16. thank goodness it cleared up!
    Benny & Lily

  17. I love all the photos of all of you having a good time! I like to have fun too.
    We have lots of rain like you do,, and not much sun.
    Keep having fun!

  18. Hi Rubie!
    Wow that looks like so much fun, running around with all those fellow schnauzers and other fun furiends! Did you ever lose track of who was who with all those beards flying about? BOL! I've heard that from other schnauzer humans, can you believe?
    Nubbin wags, Joules a& Prescott

  19. Howdy Rubie, it sure has been wet. We have missed some walks cause it was so bad. Oh well, just have to look forward to Spring! Looks like you had a fab time at your Uncie's place. There's no place like home though is there. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. Lovely, lovely photos, looks like a lot of fun has been had ;) Rain? Don't talk to us here about rain, it's been pouring, windy and cold and this is summer? It's a bit drab and miserable but we're trying to ignore it, walks in the wet, camps in the wind, lots of schnauzer cuddles makes it all seem ok.....'ish!

  21. Stay dry....that's all I can say...we are so used to rain here...snuggle up and snooze!

  22. Hey you won the give-away at the chronicle!

  23. I hope your rain cleared up, although I'm sure your plants loved it. what terrific pictures to finally see from your Uncle's last year! :)

  24. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, those steps are really great...even wet! Love those group-zoomie pix. Looks like you all had fun together. Congrats on your win with The Chronicle!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  25. Ok just wanted to answer your question. Yes I would still love your rain. It is very hot and dry here. We have flood irrigation to water our yard. Once a week the water comes down the ditch and we open a gate and for 3 and half hours the water flows into our yard to water the grass.

  26. we love that one pic where you three are all running! i didn't know light colored salt and pepper's are rare there! it seems the other way around in the states. we always see light colored silver schanuzers like spartacus, but we rarely see darker salt and pepper's like rocket.

    ♥ yuki and rocket

  27. Seems like it's been rainin all over the World this past week! Yikes! I'm very glad Mom taught me how to kayak ;)

    What fun y'all had at your Uncle's! Luv the tunnels at the doggy park :) Yeah, I'm kinda fond of weedy jungles too :)

    Waggin at ya,

  28. Awww the rain looks crazy there! I'm glad you had loads of fun in the dog park tho! Just look at you all, so happy and ears a flying, you look like you are smiling! What fun! Love from Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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