Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farewell "Dolly"

Hiya all,

It's a bittersweet day here. Meet my Friend Dolly. 

Dolly has had major surgery at my place by my mum. She actually  belongs to the Government..... specifically one of the last school libraries run by the Education Department here. She is loaned out to teachers so the teacher and Dolly can help the school children learn stuffs..... like about feelings and stuffs like that.

Anywho - Dolly had problems.

She was in bad shape.... she was blind and had no eyes. So mum gave her some.

She had really weird hair and had big bald patches on her head, but mum put a lot more on her, and gave her cool "pig-tails". Oh - and she has a pretty hair pin too.

My auntie (who works in the library) bought her new clothes to wear.

And Dolly had a little black slit for a mouth, so mum gave her a little pretty red mouth. I'm still a bit uncertain about her little DOT nose.

Dolly could not hold her own head up either...... so mum opened her up and shoved lots of white fluffy stuffs into her neck and upper torso. 

So Dolly had major stuffs happen to her - and she is very much improved version of herself - kinda like the Hollywood women who go to the clinic and come out looking plastic like a barbie doll .... BOL!

The sad thing is - Dolly and I have bonded and are good mates. We have shared a lot of deep and meaningful talks too.

She goes home tomorrow to the library. 

Mum says if she gets all roughed up again, and needs more clinic time - she is happy to provide her assistance again.

Maybe my mum needs to make me a "Dolly" ???


  1. Dolly will be able to read lots of books in the library with her nice new eyes now. Your mom fixed Dolly up real nice.

  2. Clever mum. Maybe she can make you one Rubie. We'd love to see it. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. She looks like she would make a good snuggle buddy....maybe your mom does need to make your own dolly :)

  4. Dolly reminds US of the old story of the Skin Horse... He was made REAL by being LOVED so much by little peeps.
    Your mom is WONDERFUL fur helping Dolly with her Make Over. She looks super now... and all ready fur helping the little peeps in the library.

    YES we DO think that YOU should have one of your OWN. OR... I Could send Ernie to you.

  5. My Mom made a little boy doll for a local pre-school. He had a red tee shirt, overalls, and sneakers plus eye glasses! The kids liked him very much especially those who wore glasses too!


  6. Just think how she is going to help lots and lots of kids. I am sure she will come visit you often. You can't keep a good friend away.

  7. Dolly looks like a fun friend! I hope she'll come back to play again soon.

  8. Dolly is a lovely little friend. I am sure she will be
    a special friend to the school kids too.
    She's a smart little girl

    xo Cinnamon

  9. Molly is so cute but we think we would scream at her. Kudos to mom for styling Molly's hair
    Benny & Lily

  10. Hey Mom ,get to work, Rubie is so sad about her friend laeving!

    The Mad Scots

    Pees; Nice job there Mom!

  11. Rubie, don't knock the little black dot for a nose. Isn't that what we dogs have after all?
    Toodle pip!

  12. Oh, that is a FABulous Dolly Rubie!! That was really sweet of your Moms to fix er' up! She did a wonderful job! Very cute. I say, since I'm sure you helped your Moms tons, you should gets one of your own!!

  13. oh, the photos are sweet.
    Your Dolly is charming, with new eyes and stuff.
    greetings from Sylvia

  14. I thinks your mummy should make you a dolly!! I bets it would be fantastic!
    Love Milo :)

  15. Hello Dolly! (OK, we couldn't resist....)

    Dolly looks so beautiful! The kids are going to be very lucky to have the new and improved Dolly back again. Great job on taking such good care of her when she was under the weather.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  16. You need your own....especially one with LOTS of white stuffing that you can take out when you play.

    Your mum did a fantastic job of cosmetic surgery.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  17. Howdy Rubie, we agree you need your own Dolly. She looks like a good listener. We bet the kids will love the new Dolly when she goes back to school. Paws crossed we see your own new Dolly soon. See ya sweetie pie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  18. Rubie, I am sorry that your friend has to leave, but she will be helping at the library, which sounds pretty impawtant. I do think it would be nice if you had your own Dolly. I hope she can at least come and visit you.

    Loveys Sasha

  19. WOW!! Your mom is so talented to get Dolly all fixed up again. Maybe you can go and see her at the library sometime.

    Jazzi and Addi

  20. Maybe Dolly needs a guard dog in the library?

  21. Oh sounds like Dolly has had a real make-over! She looks very smart now and just the companion for a schnauzer girl I would think. Now she's gone to the library I think your Mum should definitely make you another Dolly :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  22. You don't need a dolly you have lots of furry friends!!

  23. That's one farewell I'm sure you aren't regretting. Farewell Dolly. We are confident you will be going to a far more better place.


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