Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm NEXT host - Mr Pip and Puddles' Bucket List World Tour!!

I can hardly type...... I'M JUST SO EXCITED AND HONOURED ....

Guess who is visiting me...... in little ol' Adelaide, Australia!!??!!

As some of you will be aware...... Pip is feeling poorly and decided he would visit some of his dear bloggie friends all over the world on his "Bucket List World Tour". His driver is the infamous "Puddles" the beer drinking and cheeto eating Dachshund who is up for any kind of trouble and destruction pawty.

They arrived today..... and I had the delight of hosting them for the afternoon.

First I collected them from the Airport...

.... and we jumped into this cool hotrod I hired for a trip to Brighton Beach to visit the Beach Sculptures exhibition.

Lucky for my guests the day was a little cool and overcast (believe me - it was the only break from the hot hot summer so far)

Hey Pip - glad you are enjoyin' the sculptures - where did Puddles get to???

Puddles!!!!!! What sculpture did you find????? And what's so funny??!!!!!!!

Takes her to find the RUDE one!

Why has this one got a windmill head??? Peeps......!!! They are weird sometimes!

Are they skeletons driving the rusty boat?? I'm gettin' outa here!

We all agree we like this one..... it's kinda like waves ..... only in metal.

We'll see ya ROUND....... get it??!!..... Round...... mmmmwwwwaaa!

Right - we have seen and played with the beach sculptures..... now for an Aussie tradition while at the seaside..... Fish and Chips - my shout guys!! I know just the beachside cafe that will cater for our every need!

Pip had the crumbed fish and Puddles couldn't resist the battered Whiting. It was a magical end to an unforgettable day! We had to try and stop Puddles from throwing around her salad..... but we lost! Before management could toss us out on our bum bums ask us to go .... we went back to my house.

My mum had baked some chicken and cranberry cookies for my furiends to snack on during the next phase of their journey.

Then Puddles excused herself and said she needed a nice patch of garden to wee on........ But little did we know she helped herself to a six pack of beer from the bar fridge when no-one was lookin'....... BOL!

(I'll smooth it over with my peeps tomorrow Puddles!)

Safe journey my furiends...... remember to watch their ongoing journey from Pip's bloggie!


  1. What a great adventure.....hey hello rubie....our mom is an Aussie from Adelaide but she lives in the USA with us now. We are following you now so we can see pictures of home.

  2. So nice to escape the cold of the U.S. for the sun and warm weather of Australia! The ocean air is just what the doctor ordered ...and the fish and chips are just what my "nurse" ordered.

  3. Ruh, roh ...keep Puddles away from the naked guy ....oops too late. Hope she doesn't mistake his naked leg for a tree ...

    The sculptures are all really neat. Are they by local artists? Do they change or are they permanent on the beach. My assistant really LOVES public art especially when it is in a natural environment like near the water. Blah, blah, blah ...this is my blog tour not hers!

    1. This exhibition is by local artists and it runs for about a month. All the sculptures are offered for sale and many carry environmental messages. I think that Puddles' sculpture that she left by the metal waves had a message of its own..... But dad dad picked it up in a little black bag and put it in the bin. No vision!!! BOL!

  4. I will put the chicken and cranberry cookies in my suitcase and you put the beer in yours! They will never notice!

  5. Well there was a lot of cookies and we may gets hungry on da way home...and thirsty afters da fish.


  6. Hehehehehe...HIMS NEKKID!!!!!!!
    I SEE HIS BUTT!!!!!!!


  7. I don't think I has evers seen art sculptures at a beach likes dat. Dat is really cool and da sculptures are so unique...especially da nekkid man...hehehehehe. Dat still just cracks me up...get it?


  8. Wow art and a fart........that man was naked...BOL funny. Great tour for P&P and we are drooling over the fish n chips. Have a magnificent Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Why with the time difference they made it to Adelaide before they ever left Ohio. How does that work??? Isn't Pip the most wonderful guest.
    Love the beach.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. Art and a fart! Oh Molly, you crack me up!

  11. OMD OMD RUBIE that was a superb visit... WE love the WAVES sculpture... butt "BUTT" we can tell which is Puddles' favorite.
    OH that LUNCH... Lunch on the BEACH.. Oh how Delicious and Relaxing at the same time.

    YOUR MUM made Special Chicken and Cranberry cookies...... Hope she will share that Recipe with us... They look wonderful and will keep Pip and Puddles from Starving on their way to the Next stop.
    OH Goodness... Stolen Beer??? Those two just can NOT be controlled.
    THIS was a Fabulous Visit to your wonderful area. Loved it all.

  12. Leave it to Puddles to find the only bum on the beach. Rubie you sure showed Mr. Pip a great time. I bet lunch on the beach was just the best it looked soooo good. I could almost taste the yummy fish. And then to top it off homemade cookies?!! I think you should check to see if there was only one case of beer gone. That would only get them to the end of your driveway.

  13. Oh Rubie, that was a great visit for Pip and Puddles and you can't help that silly Puddles wandering off to that indecent man. Too funny. I know they had such a good time there visiting you. We enjoyed seeing all those wonderful objects on the beach. And it is so nice to meet you Rubie. Take care.

  14. Dad is going to have to padlock his beer fridge when Puddles arrives next month!

    We love fish and chips too- now we have to get the green papers together to come try Austalia's

  15. What a great visit! I like Puddles' taste in art sculptures! BOL. Hope your peeps aren't too upset about the beer either!!

  16. What a great day. The sculptures just make the beach even more fun! Arghhh...why did you have to mentioned cranberry cookies. Now I want a cookie. You were an awesome host!

  17. Ruby what a grand time you showed Pip and Puddles. Good thing it wasn't too hot 'cause you know Puddles is looking for any excuse to drink a cold one. OMDs you and Pip look so cute together too.
    I hope and purr you don't have too much trouble sorting out all of the trouble the 2 P's got into.
    If you need Sarge and Mayor Madi over to help you just give us a buzz.
    Hugs madi and Mom

  18. Well done, Rubie. We were feeling a bit slack not inviting them to Australia. So happy you did. Those statues looked a bit strange...we would have been running around on the beach...(Go on, tell us, did Pip christen any of them?)

    XXXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. Bravo Rubie! What a wonderful host you were. We are so happy that you took them to see the sand sculptures, those were amazing and crazy at the same time. You can see they just loved being on the beach admiring that mans butt, er, we mean statue.

    And those fish and chips look pawsome! My Mommy was drooling over that salad. Yummy!

    Leave it to Puddles to steal the stout!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  20. Those sculptures you found were something else!
    Benny & Lily

  21. Those are great sculptures. Looks like a good time. Lee and Phod who think they would like Australia.

  22. OMD!! Those are some amazin' sculptures Rubie!! Only our Puddles could find the one nekkid dude on the beach!! BOL BOL
    I LOVE me some fish and chips!! Oh, my mouth is waterin' just lookin' at the pics! Yummers!
    I'm surprised that Puddles only took ONE sixpack of beers! Maybe you should re-count....hehehe
    Pip sure looked like he was lovin' the Aussie seaside Rubie ~ I'm sure glads you hosted the troublesome twosome!

  23. What a wonderful day you all had. Pip and Puddles are getting around and becoming cultured. The sculptures are beautiful(even the nekked guy, snickers). Those cookies look amazing I could almost taste them. I am kind of not surprised about the beer cause where there is beer there is Puddles. I hope you have all gotten some rest after that.

    Loveys Sasha

  24. Wow, your so blessed to have a great adventures, those places are really beautiful and I'm sure you had a great day! Great photography we can't wait you to your next adventure! :D
    Dog Supplies

  25. Wow! Australia like we have never seen it before. But Gail is disappointed - she thought Aussie men were supposed to be a bit more athletic looking (and wear speedos)...
    Toodle pip!

  26. We enjoyed seeing the sculptures even the *rude* one.

  27. That looks like some good fish n' chips, and lots of fun!

  28. Rubie, Ahhh, now it makes sense. We thought we saw on the news there was a little kaos down at the sculptures hehe. Looks like you showed Pip and Puddles a grreat time. Those fish and chips looked amazing. Have a great weekend mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  29. Wow Rubie looks like your guests had a great time I hope the weather was not too hot for them!

  30. wow rubie, you were such a great host!! human man bum and beer, you sure know how to pawty, BOL!

    yuki and rocket

  31. That was awful nice of you to stock up the trunk of their car with cookies...but we do worry about Puddles and her drinking, especially behind the wheel. Maybe Pip can drive to the next town!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie


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