Saturday, March 29, 2014

PKW Hollingday (Port Vincent) Pawt 3 - Swimming!!!!

Hiya my furiends!! This is a very special post which demonstrates truly stunning aqua abilities. Now I must remind you all that I was one of those dawgs that didn't want to go anywhere near water... nor get my paws damp. And yes - HATE baffs!

Right - but here in Australia we gets nice hot weather and searing sun - this makes swimming very attractive!!

One day these peeps and their little boats rocked up on my front yard beach!

So after barking at them for a bit - I decided that this little schnauzer would get in on the aqua action!!

So off to the swimming beach we went - I made sure my peeps took a tennis ball too.

Mum went in with me.

OKAY - mum I see the ball - let me GO woman!!!

She took me out nice and deep so I couldn't get my paws anywhere NEAR the sandy bottom! In this picture she was trying to get me to r-e-l-a-x and enjoy bobbing in the warm water. I am looking very concerned but mum had good grip on me.

See I'm out as far as a yellow boat .... real deep - see my first attempts at smooth strokes to go and save my ball!! They are a little splashy at first.

See splashy still. Give me my ball woman!!

Right now I got real entertainment for you furiends. We made a couple of videos so you can really see the steps to swimming:

Note in this first video there are clear steps: 1. First I demonstrate the "Bunny Hop" into the ocean. 2. Then I perform the "Kangaroo" - look for the splashy front paws while my back paws are reluctant to leave the sandy bottom. 3. Finally as I lunge to save my tennis ball .... I demonstrate smooth pawfect schnauzer swimming strokes back to shore.

Did you pick all the steps??? Didn't I make it look soooo easy with all my bravery and stuff.

This final video is showing the finale of my lessons - nice and close you can even hear me breathing! Mum is being so careful not to tip waters into the camera!! BOL!

So there you go! I can now tell my "smarty pants" pelicans that I can swims just like them too!!

Whew - that was a huge, wet post huh??!!?? Mum just wants to add that the swimming beach at Port Vincent was beautiful and clear and warm .... it reminded her of swimming in tropical Queensland!

Stay tuned - Pawt 4 is just as exciting!!


PeeS: Frankie Furter - yes I do believe that Squid Ink was historically used in printing and art .... now the peeps squeeze it into pasta and sauces (Yuck says mum!)

PeePeeS: Reilly and Denny's mum - we cannot understand why in the USA you cannot get battered, crisp and delicious fish and chips in paper!! So I asked my uncie who lived in the USA for a while - he said that he and his friend (from Australia) tried to find good ol' fish and chips .... the closest was a chain called "Sea Shantys" and he was most disappointed with what they got there. Apparently you could "ring a bell" as you left if you enjoyed the food ..... and they DIDN'T - so the bell stayed QUIET! BOL!

WE know how good the real McCoy is .... don't we Aunty Bree! When you come back to Adelaide I'll shout you some overlooking Brighton Beach! Pawmise!! 


  1. Rubie the water looks so inviting and on such a lovely sunny day we could just jump in. Glad you had a lovely time. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OMD Rubie you are now ready fur the OLYMPICS. You are a superb swimmer fur sure.
    Peeps put squid ink ON their pasta? We once saw pasta that was black.. with the ink In the pasta butt did not know that it was ever used OVER the pasta. THAT is really interesting.
    We wish that we could join you in that beautiful clear water. THAT would be a lot of fun.

  3. look at you go - once you got those back feet of the bottom you were doing the aussie doggie crawl for sure. Gosh I miss that water...more than anything I miss the beach (having grown up right next it and swimming just about everyday we could.....I miss the smell of the sea. Of coarse no matter what their is NO WAY you will ever see Reilly in the water....never ever :)

  4. Rubie, as far as I am concerned, the only point in being able to swim is so that, in the event that one ends up in water (heaven forbid) one can reach dry land as soon as possible!
    Toodle pip!

  5. You are an excellent swimmer! We have never been near water like that but it looks like fun.

  6. WOW girl! Your swimming technique is superb. You even had tail ACTION. We were a bit afraid in that first video that you were just going to keep knockin' that ball out of reach until you were WAY out! Your water looks so great SHE might even go in it.

    Surprisingly, for being so far inland we have an excellent Fish and Chip shop.

    XXXOOO Bella & roxy

    PeeS. We like to wade in water....swim, too. BUT baths are another matter altogether!

  7. You looked a little unsure at furst gurl, butts then WOWSA!!! You really got your stride on!!! Way to go!!! I am very proud of your bravery!! (and your rescuing of your tenny ball...)
    Ruby ♥

  8. Oh Rubie, I remember back when you were scared to swim, I remember when you wouldnt want to get your ball back from the sea and now look at you, you are a water doggie, it looks like you had a wonderful time, were there any fishies in the water swimming with you? I can't believe how much fun it looks, I can't wait for the summer when I get to swim like you, I love swimming! Your Holiday looks great! I can't believe that Americans don't have fish in batter, is it a UK thing or an Australian thing first? I love cod in batter, I'm not allowed any now I'm on my diet but Mum used to let me have some when we went to the beach, its just so yummy! Love and Licks from your friend Frank XxxxX

  9. Hey Rubie, you are a brave gal. I was tricked into getting into the water. But once I learnt to move my paws and float, it was pawsome!

  10. She is really courageous and the pictures are beautiful

  11. You were very brave to go swimming Rubie - I don't like to even get my paws wet really but I suppose if it was so hot here I might be tempted. Woofs and licks from Magic xx


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