Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PKW Hollingday (Port Vincent) Pawt 1 (YAY!!)

Hiya all,

I have been counting the seconds until my Hollingday to the beautiful seaside fishing town of Port Vincent could start.... finally the day arrived and the PKW (Peep Kennel on Wheels) and mum, dad dad and I drove away from our house with the PKW following close behind the car.

This is OUR camp spot right on the beach in the Pt Vincent Caravan Park - to the right of our car is the camper trailer of dad dad's sister (aunt B) and her hubby(uncie K). They came too.

We also had dad dad's other sister (aunt C) and her hubs (uncie B) join us for half our hollingday. They have an excellent tent which they set up in the caravan park. 

Right ..... here is my our front yard. I feel like running around on it!!

Here I am going out on MY beach with dad dad for the first time this stay.

Do you think I have enough room to run around????

I love running into the shallows after my tennis ball. Mum called it the "white paws program" because she thinks that dunking my paws in seawater everyday makes them nice and bright white!

Harness is off - I am wet and sandy - all good!! Do you see our camp behind?? To the right of the cabins is first the camper trailer, then you see a white pointy thing - which is our PKW.

The routine back at camp..... I get rinsed off with the hose (!!) then rubbed with my towels .... then I get to stretch out on the soft grass and dry and snooze. The last parts are heaven my furiends!

No rude comments about my tum tums please!! ;-)

This camp spot gets fairly breezy ..... and the seagulls and pelicans sometimes freaked me out with their cruising overhead - they just stayed up in the air almost not moving!!

Most afternoons the peeps got out the snacks and drinks .... I was always willing to do QA on the foodables!

This is the man-made rocky jetty that peeps like to fish off. I like to walk along and check their buckets and stuff.

This is a very dangerous "puffer fish" that a fisherman caught. These are very poisonous and I can get VERY sick just by licking it. I didn't want to lick it anyway.

At the end of the afternoon each day my beach disappeared under the tide that came in. Some peeps that went out on their boats would come and feed the pelicans their fish off-cuts - the pelicans loved that! 

Another day in paradise!! See that little peep in the background fishing??? Kinda above my tail and a little to the right. That's my uncie K doing some fishing from the beach. I can't wait to see if he catches something!

Hope you enjoyed my report so far .... more to come!!


  1. Paradise indeed Rubie. Lucky you and the weather looks fab. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. it does look so beautiful - all that space to run - the smell of the salt air....sigh.

  3. We absolutely love, love, love your beach! What a beautiful place to go camping. We just know you're having a great, great time.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. OMD Rubie you can go SO far from your PKW and RUN in the Sand and SUN. Wow how beautiful that place is... We would be very much SCARED of that PUFFER fish.
    MORE MORE... show us MORE... it is so BEAUTIFUL there.

  5. Oh boy! We love anything having to do with fishies
    Lily & Edward

  6. OMD!! I just loves your PKW!!! Ma REALLY wants one since she last saw yours!! It looks so comfy and fun!! Thanks so much for showin' us all your adventures!! I loves the jetty! I thnks that would be funs to run on.
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I wouldn't DREAM of makin' any rude comments on your tummy...mine looks the same!! It must be a Ruby/Rubie thang!! hehehe

  7. What a grreat holiday! I'd love to come run around that beach with you.

  8. That is Paradise! Sand, water to run in, birds to chase, fish to sniff.....snacks...grass to sleep on....WOW! It's worth the b.a.t.h. Wish we were with you.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  9. Oh Rubie, looks like you are having a total ball. What a fabo beach. It's great to go away on hols with lots of family isn't it. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. What a fabulous hollingday you are having Rubie. That beach looks wonderful for games. Love the last photo of you looking good in your harness - very smart :-) woofs and licks from Magic xxx

  11. Looks like you had a great time!!

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