Friday, November 25, 2011

Give us The Bird - 25th Nov

OK - we MADE it......the marathon of BIRDS. This event kindly hosted by our Blogville Chief Of Pawlice, Sarge.

As you know, mum and I have been posting bird pictures from my peeps' travels around Australia. I have been providing you with a little brain stretcher task.....of finding the FAKE bird amongst the real living and breathing ones. So for the last time, here goes:

PICTURE A: The Helmeted Guinea Fowl. These were wandering the lovely natural bush grounds of a Chocolate Factory in Margaret River, Western Australia.

PICTURE B: The Penguin. This town in Tasmania is actually called "Penguin" named after their healthy colonies of fairy penguins. The town was charming, with Penguins up and down the main street, and decorating their lampposts and litter bins. Look closely and you will see one of the bins next to the small tree.

PICTURE C: This Bush Stone Curlew with it's little baby was wandering through their caravan park in Kuranda, Queensland. Mum was thrilled to get this shot, as it involved a lot of stalking and sneaking on her behalf. This bird is famous for it's mournful calls - quite different to anything they had ever heard.

PICTURE D: This is the White Faced Heron, note it's yellowy legs. This one is found where there is fresh or salt water, this one was on the rocks at Busselton, Western Australia.

PICTURE E: Nothing beats a Peacock showing off. This is the male and he can puff out all his beautiful feathers when he is tryin' to ward off danger, showin' off or tryin' to woo a girl. This one was showin' off   in Bowen, Queensland. Or was he tryin' to "woo" my mum!?

PICTURE F: Two Little Corellas plus a random little bird in the background. These corellas were super friendly and sat on the edge of the concrete pad adjacent to my peeps' motorhome in Exmouth, Western Australia.

PICTURE G: Two awesome Australian Shelducks in captivity. Also called the Mountain Duck. Mum thought they were just so pretty. She also tried to block the image of "roast duck" out of her head!!

PICTURE H: Two happy Lovebirds, well bein' in love I guess. Another pic taken in a zoo.

That's our series of Bird Pics, hope you enjoyed seein' them as much as we enjoyed showin' them. Good luck to everyone who entered Sarge's event!

XX Rubie and her Mum.

PeeS: Just a quick look at the blog owner so you can refresh your memory at something that has FURS not feathers. Don't judge my eyebrows at the mo, I am having issues with them!


  1. Grrrreat birds!

    I thinks you look quite pretty!

    woos, Tessa

  2. Rubie!! We love your bird theme posts so much and our mom really appreciate. She grew up with pet birds like java bird, macow, canary, a bird who was fell from the nest but was rescued by her family and lived with them for almost 20 years...

    Have a great weekend!
    Momo & Pinot

  3. Rubie, we have loved all your bird photos this week. What a great competition it was. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Oh, cool I didn't know Australia had penguins! Also, mom's favorite bird besides flamingos are peacocks. It's so strange how in the animal kingdom, the male so often is the beautiful one since they have to attract the female.

    Don't worry about the brows rubie, mom said I'm going to the groomers next week since I'm not supposed to have a unibrow.

  5. We're glad you managed to get in one of the pictures!!! Great photos. Love those Shelducks our ducks are pretty ordinary....but good to chase.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra, Bella & Roxy

  6. Those bird photos have been really great. We have enjoyed seeing them very much - and of course the last photo is wonderful too. Never mind the eyebrows they are always a troublesome issue for schnauzers
    :-) love from Magic xx


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