Saturday, December 15, 2012

There's a "Santy Paws HOTLINE" !!! WHO KNEW??!!

Hey - a wonderful thing happened today. I did a deal with my mum. Here's how it went down.

First she tells that one of my wonderful creative auntie's (Auntie Shelly) is makin' me an outfit for the big bash we are hostin' soon for some of my peep's close friends. See - mum is tryin' to pull together a bit of a theme evening..... she has encouraged the girls to "wear a Caftan". Mum's caftan is kinda wild...kinda Hawaiian in theme.

Anywho - Auntie Shelly is also wearin' one.... hers is apparently "Indian" print.... and Auntie Shelly is gonna make me somethin' to wear too.

Now - I know what your thinkin' - we dislike clothes..! Well - check out my header Chrissy picture.... that outfit was made for me by this Auntie too. Normally I will wear clothes for bribes - like a constant feed of liver treats throughout the photo shoot....he he he!! (Like above)(It's the only reason I look a little joyful!)

So mum made me a deal. She said if I agree to wear the outfit..... she will talk to Santy Paws on the Santy Paws hotline.... and see if I can have ONE of my presents early! 

Apparently Santy Paws agreed - mainly because he said he has this cool new bed for me but his Wrapping Paper don't quite s-q-u-e-e-z-e around it real good. Oh and mum also told him that I have been leaving the Christmas stuffie ornaments alone and not chewin' or carryin' them around from under the tree. Even though that little penguin is mighty tempting - let me tell you!

So check this out!!!!! Santy Paws got a courier to drop it round. What a cool comfy bed - WITH a built IN BOLSTER cushion. I love puttin' my head on cushions everyone...... so this is the Bees Knees of beds if you ask me. I'm so happy with this bed - that my little tail is wugglin' 87 million times a minute - see!!!!

Uuuuummmm - so comfy!

Hey thanks BIG GUY - you have come through for me!!

I might leave you some of my special cookies along with that glass of milk!

It's a ripper - don't ya reckon?!?

Auntie Shelly - if you are readin' this....... can you make sure there is a little "elastic" in my outfit - you see - I intend to "overindulge in yummy noms" on the night of the big bash.... and mum says that a Caftan hides a "multitude of sins" - whatever that means!!!

I leave it in your capable hands! ;-)

To my furry furiends out there - sorry I'm not around much but December is mum's "CRAZY" month so she doesn't switch on the computer as much as she should!! But be good, and count sleeps, and leave the decorations alone - you will be rewarded!! (*winks*)


  1. Great header Rubie and the bed is snuggly buggly. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow a direct hotline to Santa! Your Mom has it going on!!

    That bed sure does look really comfy and we can tell you're already enjoying it. Can't wait to see the new outfit for the pawty.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. OH RubIE... girrrrrl you look DEVINE in your specially made Chrissy Outfit. DEVINE We SAY!!
    LOVE your new Lounge.

  4. Oh I love your bed. Well worth wearing stuffs.

  5. Rubie! That's a most awesome new bed that you got there... Pippen like to have a cushion for his head too - is that a schnauzer thing?

    Sam and Pippen

  6. Very Cool Rubie!! Ya know elastic is a gurl's best friend!!
    LOVE the bed! Oh, that looks really comfy...lots of good dreams to be had.


  7. Your Auntie Shelly is a very talented seamstress. I can't wait to see you party outfit. That bed looks very comfy too.


  8. Fantastic Rubie. Not only a great bed, but Santa let you have it EARLY! You can really stretch out in that....getting the A/C to lots of body parts. That's great.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    PeeS. The echidna toy is still around...if a bit misshapen and dirty.

  9. Howdy Rubie, your new bed looks fabo and we reckon it sorta looks like a little sleigh! Bet you have some sweet dreams on it. Can't wait to see what outfit your aunty makes you. Enjoy your celebrations sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. Great new bed you are so so lucky !

  11. wow! i didnt know there was a santa paws hotline! maybe our mom can call it and see if we can get our gift early? Also, my mom is having an 'ugly Christmas sweater party' since they seem to be very popular recently. there's even a grand prize for the ugliest sweater and she's hoping she's got the ugliest one.

    yuki and rocket

  12. They sure are good at torturing us and bribing
    Benny & Lily

  13. Great bed Rubie - well negotiated! Let's hope the caftan isn't too embarrassing...
    Toodle pip!

  14. Hey Rubie,

    Santa had to drop a new bed off for us early too! Maybe it was for putting up with being dressed up so much! I now see how he does it in one night if he is dropping stuff off early!

    Enjoy your bed. Lee and Phod

  15. OK, the bed is wonderful and the header is just so neat, but I gotta tell you, those pictures where I can look into your beautiful big brown eyes are the ones I love the most.


  16. What a comfy looking bed! I love your header and background! :)

  17. Your bed looks so comfy! You're so lucky! Your heading looks amazing!
    Have a pawsome week,
    Melissa & Jemma xx

  18. Wow Rubie that is a pawsome bed - you are so lucky and you have it all to yourself. My Trilby likes to share the bed every night even though she could have her own bed. That's a very festive header too - those liver treats certainly got you smiling BOL - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  19. That bed is really impressive, we want one NOW. love it lots. xx


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