Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yard Patrol

Hi again. In this post I am gonna take you through some of my impawtant duties as "top schnauzer".....(well only schnauzer) member of this patch of land. Now, mum is worried because I'm postin' lots of photos taken from you will all see lots of my bum bum.......but we gotta face it....we all gots one - and I couldn't be bothered pasting little stars over brace yourselves!!

Here I am surveying the street that runs up to my house and land. Hang on.....there is an unauthorised infiltration of the road by a walker!!!

This is where one runs through these two bushes and WOOFS at the top of ones abilities, and let them know just how unimpressed I, the guard schnauzer, is about it!!!

I've been told that my explosion of loud woofing is enough to cause a heart attack - a valuable tool to stopping any bad guys!

That showed them a thing or six!!! Don't they know that there is no authorised walking on my streets without my prior consent, in triplicate!! Humph!

Do I spy one of the peeps across the road try to walk around their own front yards!!!!!! How dare they check their letterboxes without gaining my CONSENT!!!!! More woofing required here!!!

Look at my angry face. I'ts OK now ma, I scared them back inside their house!!! They will be thinking long and hard before tryin' that stunt of letter collection again!!

 Ruh Roh - Brad the turtle is tryin' to tell me something!

Brad has just informed me that there are peeps with a dog coming up my street!! Boy this turtle is like "Radar" offa "M*A*S*H"!

Woof Woof and double Woof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People please, there are procedures you MUST follow!! Don't flaunt my territory laws!!

Another curious thing my furiends, my mum reckons that my "big girl bark" is soooo loud that it makes her ears bleed! Fancy that...... I've been watching the passers by as I'm giving them my best barks....and I haven't seen any bleeding yet...but I will keep tryin'!!!!

Hum da dee dum...... a little bit a selective digging is also within my duties......

And if one is lucky, you can find yummers decomposing stuffs to nom on.  ;-)

Another of my duties is to monitor new arrivals to my garden patch. Here are two concrete balls that mum slipped in - she tells me that they will be mosaic'd soon (schnauzer eyes rolling upward)

Come on people.........just because this is an "outside" bench doesn't mean you can neglect your duties of dusting away the cobwebs.......unless you want me to do it with my schnauzery beard/woozle!! In fact, bringing in cobwebs and assorted organic matter in my beard to display proudly - is one of my duties. no??!???

So you see everyone, there is lots to do around here for a little dog. The peeps are so laid back about territory infiltration, that they get angry at me about my barking (*yes really!*). Don't they know that I can alert them to any impending burglar, and potentially "floor" that peep by making their ears bleed or delivering a heart-attack!! 

Where is the thanks, the gratitude!!!!!!???????


  1. You know Rubie, sometimes I think that humans completely underestimate that amount of work we put in providing valuable services to them.
    I too am told off for barking in the garden, when all I am trying to do is help.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Hi Rubie

    Humans really don't appreciate how busy we are, do they?

    Puppy kisses

    PS My human wonders if your mum's going to leave a trail of mosaicked thingies around Australia, when you start going on caravaning adventures.

  3. OMD OMD Rubie... I love your turtle furend, Brad (AKA Radar.) Does Brad have a Teddy Bear??? hehehe

    Oh this is such a VERY exciting Post. I love it when we get to know how much our furends do to keep their peeps and property all safe and secure! You do an astounding job of it fur SURE.
    Soooooo much WORK.. Sooooo little time.
    PeeS... how are you getting along with the Blue Teefs Stuff?

  4. My, you certainly are a busy girl, Rubie!

    I hope when your Mom begins putting mosaic stones on the balls that you keep your distance and don't wind up a mosaiced dog!


  5. Rubie, you should save this post for next years' Mango Minster. You would be sure to win in the working stiffs category.


  6. Just love the way you're guarding your ma's and neighbor's properties so well but I do agree that you should adjust the volume of your bark a little. I can hear you from Malaysia. Coco has been making my ears bleed too and I have even asked a vet about removing her voice box. The nurse informed me that the vet has refused to carry out such inhumane (indoggane) procedures anymore. What a kind heart he has, what a softie. In the meantime, my ears continue to bleed.

  7. It's a difficult job, Rubie and there's only one of you. At least we have three! We have loads of trouble with people walking down our street, too. We don't think our barks are as loud as yours though.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. You better watch mum gets out the hose if I bark too much!

    Rocco - Guilty of barking.

  9. Gosh
    You are a very busy furry keeping track of all this stuff!

  10. Rubie, don't you worry about your peeps. Let their ears bleed. You must fulfil your duty as guard of the house. Yes we say. Bark away. We do too hehehe. Can you hear Rory from your place?? Take care little friend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. You are certainly kept busy there Rubie - at least there are 4 of us and usually one has an ear or an eye open for invaders of territory be they peeps or pigeons and when one barks we all bark! Hey that's what we dogs do best after all:-) You look really smart too Rubie - have you had a summer haircut? Woofs & licks from Magic xx

  12. Thank goodness your on the job Rubie! I really like your turtle friend! :)

  13. Rubie-

    We could use your talents over here! Stanzie is slacking on patrolling the yard and a bunny ate all mom's flowers!


  14. our big girl/boy barks make mom go to the bathroom cabinet and she takes out two pills and swallows them. she always says 'i hope this advil starts working really soon!'

    yuki and rocket

  15. Very nice work, Rubie. Good thing you have Brad the turtle around to help!

    Your pal, Pip

  16. Hey Rubie, what a great job you're doing there. Susie-Belle is starting to get the hang of the very important schnauzer job too and in fact she's even teaching Renae a thing or two about just how loudly the job must be done. In fact, off they go right now....I'd better dash & see what's occuring!

  17. You are one hard working girl. Indy agrees with all your territorial rules. He is particularly perturbed when anyone walks near the lake behind our house. Woof! Woof! Woof! (in triplicate)

    Critter Alley

  18. You are doing such a good job Rubie!


  19. mommish says we should take notes and learn a thing or two from you cause she says if burglars ever come in to our house we'd be tooting and snoring so loud no one would know they were in
    tee hee

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  20. Hey Rubie - have you had new trim recently? You're looking so sleek & pretty! :-)

    I can see that you have a lot of important duties...and that you take your jobs very seriously! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  21. If you're ever looking for a schnauzer friend to join you on yard patrol, Wookie would love to help!

  22. I loved you wordless Wednesday! The carpet looks prettier with the schnauzers on them.

    I love your haircut by the way. Does your hair go to your eyes? I have some issues with leaving hair near the eyes on my shih-tzu.

    Well, back to perimeter duty.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  23. Rubie...Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Not to worry, you are now properly added to my Reader. Sounds like you have things well in hand. I can't wait to see your garden's new mosaic balls. Make sure you point them out when your mom is done.

  24. Hi Rubie! I love your post, I like your garden it is very pretty! Dont worry about your little bum bum in the photos, its a nice bum bum to be honest! I dont see the big deal with the modesty covers, there are so many rude photos of my bum bum and little manly parts! If the humans dont like it, dont look!!
    I am always barking in the garden, I like to chase cats and bark at the people nextdoor and people who pass! Its a doggys right to bark, I love to warn my pawrents of trouble, maybe birds in the garden are a bit over the top of me but I do like to tell them about it! Yard patrol is the best! Love, Licks, hugs and tummy rubs from Frank xxxxxxx


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