Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ME....... on canvas!

Hi everyone, sorry about billy-bossy Zoe taking over my blog..... I was busy doin' stuff with my mum.

We have a little issue we would like you, our friends from pet-blogging world, to help us with. Here goes - my mum bought a voucher online from a photography studio for a Custom Canvas Print (16" x 20") and it needs to be ordered by this June. She decided she needs to get a photo happening for this print, and she decided the most gorgeous member of the family was going to be the subject......ME! (of course). I'm BY FAR the most photogenic ;-)

So we have been out in the garden, taking some shots - I even had a BATH before these :-(

We have some shots we would like you to comment on - in particular the one you can see as working the best for the blown up canvas. Keep in mind, my mum is NOT a fantabulous photographer - even though she thinks she's pretty good! (Dahhhh)

Here are the photos on the short list so far:








(I know I have saliva bubbles on my tongue.....but maybe they can be blurred out?)

Please click on them and they will go bigger to help you decide. Please comment on which one is the goer for you, or leave any photography tips or advice for you-know-who! We look forward to your opinions!

PS: Ain't I just gorgeous!


  1. Hiya Rubie,

    Sorry we haven't been leaving comments recently - we've been following your gorgeous self but our time has really been taken up with the auction and the fund raising, which is great fun and very exciting but doesn't leave us much time to leave our pawprints on our pals blogs.

    Anyhoo - you really are one beautiful pin up gal! We love ALL the photos (you are so adorable!) but our pawsonal favourite is snap 8 - the bubbles just add to the whole cuteness of it all and gives it an extra depth, we'd say don't have them airbrushed out!

    Huge adoring schaunzuer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. Hi JD and Max, I know your mum has been a busy lady doin' good stuff, but I'm happy that you are keepin' an eye on me! I was a little worried when I didn't hear from you a bit too. ALL GOOD! I'm glad you like my bubbles - ma was a bit unsure!! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  3. Hi Ruby 2 shoes I was wondering were you wus!I nearly came round with a litle furrie friend may be Pippi to see you! My fav is no 5 your front paws are symetrical but there is a leaf on your ear which I think is cute but maybe it can be airbrushed ??

  4. All your pictures are beautiful but if we must choose, we'll go for Picture 8!

  5. We like photo 4, but you may have to zoom in a bit to make you bigger.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. I would use photo 8. It shows movement from the garden. Very nice... In fact, they are all nice. I just think it's more interesting to see the movement. Good luck with it.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. We really like 2 and 5, but there is a leaf on top of your head..heehee (maybe you can photoshop it out) They are all really good! We really like 7 too, you look very jaunty!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  8. Hmmmmmm...this is hard! I would think number 7 or a slightly enlarged number 4 would make nice pictures. Oooh, good luck choosing!


  9. I like your pose in photo 5, sitting so demurely and you look relaxed. But I like photo 8's composition better esp the leaves framing one side of the photo. I think the stone structure is a distraction though....

  10. Photos 7 and 8 are cute! I must say, these pictures really show how charming you are! Great poses!

  11. I like 3 and four, but you look cute in all of them.
    See Yea George xxx


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