Sunday, March 27, 2011

Obedience Skool (part two)

Hi. Today was a HUGE day at Skool!! Prepare yourselves, a HUGE day means a HUGE post......He he

First we did all the normal stuff that we do at Obedience Skool........ and me and Bailey could have graduated into Grade 2 today..... but, uummm, are still in Grade 1...... coz we didn't pass all the things we had to do to get into Grade 2.   ( It's called pacing oneself!!  I think Bailey is too!) Why do you have a pained look on your face ma??!

Here is my mate Bailey and me...... after we flunked paced ourselves.

We mucked around a bit.....

Bailey getting excited and trying to roll on me.... he's pretty heavy you know!

He has his "distinguished" moments......

And sometimes we just press noses..... we go way back you know!

Then we were able to watch an "agility display" by advanced doggies..... they were good.... but they didn't do stuff perfect! Even the advanced make errors apparently. Whew!!! (that takes the pressure off!)

These doggies were showing us their superior "waiting" and "staying" abilities. They stayed in their dropped positions for hours at least 10 minutes until their handlers came back to them. I would've started chewin' the grass or hassling the doggie next to me WAY before then!!

Halfway through the agility course - you can still see the dropped doggies in the background.

Hey - here is my other mini schnauzer mate Jazper, we are waiting to get some sausage from the BBQ the humans were cooking after the demonstrations. Ha ha, Jazzy had a bath and a haircut this week!!

Meet Maggie, oh, and my bum bum, sorry. Maggie is doin really well at Skool and agility, and she only has been here 3 times!! Maggie is currently being looked after by a foster mum, and she is looking for a permanent home. I hope she finds one soon.

We were doin' lots of playing and bitey face while waiting for the BBQ. (what IS taking so long!!)

Then we had to take to the field and do our showing off agility moves. Here I am rocking these jumps...

And Maggie is fully in the air too!!!!

Jazper runnin' through the tunnel.....

and me runnin' through the tunnel - my dad would like to point out his great level of camera mastery in capturing these shots.... we are so fast through that we are only a blur....but he got us....even kinda in focus! Well done dad!!!!!!!!

Hey..... who is this with me....?????????

This is my mate Merlin. Merlin is a mini schnauzer like me.  (Great pose Merlin!) He's 10 and a half years old, and his sister, Asta, is 4. Asta and her mum compete in high level obedience (she's in level gazillion!). I don't think I'll ever be that good. Merlin is lovely.... even though he has a nubbin and no tail!! I'm not sure if he lost it in a horrible accident or what. It might be a sensitive issue, so I haven't "grilled" him about it yet.

Here is Jazzy and me supervising the humans packing away our agility equipment.

But we got NEWS for ya..... we ain't moving until we get a sausage from that BBQ!!!!

It was a great day - but long and tiring! I think I will have a chilled afternoon now.  PS: (guess who scored from the BBQ!!!!!!!)   High 5!

Bye for now!


  1. Hiya Rubie - nothing wrong with a puppy pacing themselves so well done to you and Bailey for 'keeping it real' - he he he! Having fun is the main thing and it looks like you had oodles of fun - fabulous! We loved meeting all your pals - Maggie is so sweet, FH really, REALLY has a thing for Jack Russells so she was flipping out over Maggie. Merlin is extremely dapper too and Bailey - well, we just WISH we could play zoomies with him! High five to you for scoring from the barbie - and high five to your dad-bean for such GREAT photos!!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. That looks like so much fun! Don't worry about sticking around in grade 1 - you guys have to move at your own pace! :) Your dad did a great job with those tunnel pictures - my camera is slow so I would have flubbed those pictures for sure. That looks like a wonderful place - I wish we had something like that to take Oscar to!

  3. Good job, Rubie! Looks like you and your skool chums are having so much fun. No worries about not making it into 2nd grade..haha, I get held back all the time. We just know how to have more fun, that's all( we can't all be smarty pants, Border Collies...haha!)


  4. Fantastic day out! Thanks for taking us with you. Remember that Border Collies are show-offs.

    High 5 back.....a sausage?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Oh, tell your Dad the pickies are great.

  5. Wow, I think my mom person is thinking about trying this with me this spring. It sure does look like you have fun!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Great actions shots, well done dad.
    Way to go you got a sausage, now where's the photo ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx


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