Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Royal Wedding

Hi all!

I'm sooooo excited. There is only one thing that I love watching more on television than Cesar Millan's show- and that is a Right Royal Event Extravaganza!!!! Yep, Wills and Kate (I think she is going to be using her full name "Katherine") are gonna get married tomorrow. Let the Pomp and Pageantry Begin!!

I rummaged through the cupboards and asked mum to dress me up to mark this great occasion:

 I am a boootiful bride...just like Kate's gonna be.

Flash necklace (check), Tiara with gems (check), Veil (check) and Bling Handbag (check). NB: I did have Earrings..... but I refused to wear them declined politely - the tiara and necklace were enough!!

In case you are wondering, it's a long trip down the Westminster Abbey aisle, so I have liver treats and milk bones in my handbag for extra sustenance, should my blood sugar levels drop!!!

Oooh, I can't wait....just imagine how gorgeous Katherine is gonna be gliding down the aisle! 

She will meet and marry her Prince Charming, Wills, at the alter........(sigh)! Who doesn't love a good wedding!?!

 Just like Katherine, I have slimmed down for her wedding -the best way I know how.... not by diet and exercise, no, no, no. I had a buzzy grooming on Wednesday and I feel pounds lighter!  

I might just keep the necklace on.

So dear friends everywhere, will away any London rain, sit down and cuddle up with your humans on Friday and share the popcorn, cupcakes and bubbly (or doggie carob buds, mutt balls, and liver treats etc) and absorb the magic of a Royal Wedding! 

We wish the happy couple all the best and hope for a fairytale ending!!!


  1. You look beautiful. It's a shame they didn't ask you to be the flower dog.

    We don't have any plans yet.

  2. Oh Rubie, you are so beautiful all dressed up as a bride!! Our human said she was all excited over the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana years ago but not this time for Wills and Kate.

  3. Oh Rubie, you'd make a lovely 'flower dog'! We shall be having a party, the humans have a days holiday so we're hoping for an extra long walk too!

  4. Rubie, you are a grrrr-or-geous schnauzer bride! I'd pop the question, except I don't know what the question is supposed to be... So can you keep treats hidden under your veil, maybe?
    Have a lovely day tomorrow. Enjoy the celebrations. Woof Woof

  5. Oh you look so pretty. Me and my humans will be watching the wedding tomorrow (my humans get married next year so we will be taking notes!)

  6. oh Rubie you might just outshine the bride...

  7. YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! listen we are just as excited( having British blood in our stock and all) and we can't wait for tommorow!!Love A+A

  8. You look beautiful! My mom person is getting up at 3:00 AM to watch it live. I will be sleeping, but if she see's you there, she will wake me up.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. You look absolutely sweet and beautiful! Where is the lucky groom?? He must be as handsome as Prince William!

  10. olá vocês são lindos demais estou seguido seu blog siga o meu

  11. Oh Rubie! So pretty! I think you outdid the Duchess of Cambridge!

  12. Rubie, OMD, I Momo and mom love your veil.

    We got up very early to watch the wedding but we missed The Kiss! Kate (we have to call her Katherine now?) was a beautiful bride.....just like yourself!

    Thank you for stopping by our blog. We enjoy reading your post and seeing all your cute photos. We'll add your name to our friends list. Hope it's ok with you.

    Momo & Pinot

  13. Momo & Pinot here again.... it's late here but we wanted to wish you a very very happy barkday!! It's time for pawty!


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