Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hollingday in the White Stuffs - SNOW - Pawt 5

Hiya all. 

I now resume normal programming - and provide you with the next Pawt of my Hollingday story.

After we drove down the big Mountain back to "non-snow" territory ... we hit BRIGHT a little town that is quaint, small, picturesque ... and where we are booked in for FIVE nights. Mum and dad dad have been here lots of times ... they LOVE it here - and this is where one of dad dad's old bosses (and his wife) retired to almost 20 years ago after leaving Adelaide. I get to meet them for the FURST TIME - so mum hopes I will be on my best behaviour so as to not disgrace myself. (**AS IF MUM!!!**)

We arrived back in Bright a little early and killed some time with a walk down by the Ovens River.

And there goes mum takin' photos of stuffs that isn't ME!! Again!

This is the little unit we rented in Bright. It is a two bedroom unit, complete with enclosed back yard. And I AM WELCOME here. A little bonus was that this unit is a 8 minute walk away from the peeps my peeps came to see.

Want a tour of our DIGS??? OK - If you insist!!

Let me begin by saying my bum bum is nice and warm due to the underfloor heating. My peeps have never stayed anywhere with underfloor heating until this trip. We had it in our Chalet and now we get it again here.  

Here is the kitchen - all impawtant for creating FOODABLES. Mum was happy - she had a big fridge, big oven, and dishwasher!

Breakfast bar and dining area.

My dining area ... bol!!

Lounge room complete with couch and two recliners.

Through to the Sunroom ... 

There's a couch and comfy chair in here - with sliding door access to the deck, BBQ and .....

Enclosed backyard with a creek running behind. The fence stopped me from trying the water there.

If you look closely at the base of our tree you will see a green stand with a plate on top. That's where mum fed the birds after she burned the toast. (She scraped the black stuffs off for them)

They were very pleased with their breakfasts. They got toast from us and ate the ripe lemons on our tree!

Back inside - they put my blue bed here for day time sleeps.

Nightime we all slept in here.

View from the middle of the hallway - to the left is the doorway into the 2nd bedroom with twin beds (both with a teddy on the bed) (I looked but didn't touch!)

Tour over - lets go for a walk up the street.

It got rural fairly quick - and I loved looking at the horse.

We are off to see the Platypus ponds.

Nice ponds - but as usual my peeps didn't see any platypus!

The walk was very pretty anyway.

Mum - I'm over HERE ....... don't disturb the napping duckies!

Yep - back to ME!!

Round the ponds we go.

Almost back to the unit - we have a nice pawk practically next door - and the red church in the background is directly behind our unit on the other side of the creek. I got to do a lot of running back and forth in this pawk.

Mum picked these flowers on our walk for the sunroom.

And dad dad and me tried out the couch in the sunroom. We were tired after our big walk.

Tonight we go and see the peeps my peeps know for drinks and dinner. Mum calls it a food MARATHON. Hope there are stuffs for me there!!

I'll let you know if they LIKE me in the next PAWT. That will be the LAST Pawt of this hollingday adventure!


  1. That's beautiful. We know some peeps who want to go back to Bright...don't know if they got there. Now, underfloor heating usually means there's a reason....a COLD reason.

    Fantastic walk..and you didn't have to wear boots and a jacket OR have the peeps embarrass you by falling head over turkey....just sayin'.

  2. Replies
    1. We never see any platypuses in ponds either, BOL!

  3. What a lovely place and cute garden to hang out and the walks look interesting and picturesque too. Hope you had a lovely time with your friends. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. What a great place to stay, Rubie. We are curious about the birds you have there...that first one is so colorful. Do you know what it is called? You have such great adventures!

    1. Hiya Oz, that furst bird is an Australian King Parrot ... and the second one is a Satin Bowerbird - did you notice how blue her eye was???

      xxx Rubie

  5. RUBIE that is a beautiful location and we love the pretty Home away from Home you had there... Esp. how you made it YOURS.... with your dining location and nice placement fur your DayNapping bed.

  6. what a wonderful place - Mom was looking at home in Bright some time back - it looks so pretty there

  7. What a great little place. It looks so cozy. We wouldn't mind taking the adventure across the bridge. It looks like a fairy tale forest
    Lily & Edward

  8. Howdy Rubie, oh you lucky girl. What a lovely place to stay and the holiday home is wonderful. Mmm, underfloor heating sounds good to us. It would be perfect for our winters here in the Hills! Thanks for taking us along with you! Loved the photos. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Oh it looks like a nice place to walk all those trails!


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