Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hollingday in the White Stuffs - SNOW - Pawt 3

Hiya all,


You see the most unusual things out the window of your Snow Chalet!!

I was so engrossed ..... that mum had to "re-FUR-bish" my viewing chair so I could watch in COMFORT.

What was I lookin' at????

Somethin' I had NEVER seen befores:

There were some young men outside who were diggin' and stuffs, they even kinda buried a big white pipe thingy in the snows .... then they jumped on these long bits of wood and slid down the snow hill, and along the pipe thingy, and sometimes FELL OVER!! It was a blast my furiends!

Oh the stuffs you see!!

Oh and TALKING of FALLING OVER ... my silly pawrents BOTH slipped and fell outside our Chalet. Mum was OK because she slipped on our driveway hill and landed on her ... errmmm ... well padded butt. She was not happy. Not long after that ... dad dad skidded and FELL OVER and he hit his HEAD on the Chalet BEAM, as well as his shoulder too!

Well ... mum rang the peeps that we hired the Chalet from - and demanded something be done about the icy slippery condition of our DRIVEWAY. She called it a BOOBY-TRAP. She wished that the Chalet came with a shovel so she could have taken her rage out on that driveway hill!!

Instead the peeps sent this:

A nice man came in a machine that clears snow and ice from the roads .... and he took away the slippery ice hill that we had to clamber over. Thank goodness!! That's my dad dad watchin'.

Anyway - we were happy that it got fixed before we had to go to the medical centre with my clumsy pawrents!!

The day before we left ... the Chalet across the road from us got NEW TENANTS!! Can you see my new neighbours. I got to bark at them from the side balcony. I was just sayin' "hello"!!

It was one of the HUSKY TEAMS here to compete in the "Dinner Plain Sled Dog Races" to be held here in a few days. They were with very nice peeps and mum asked where the doggies sleep?? They go back to their little low caravans at night - it's nice in there with beds and stuffs. I wanted to know why THEY didn't have to WEAR coats and boots like I do!!??

Mum said they are "arctic doggies" and much better used to the cold/wet/snows than me. **Humph**

This is another dog team a couple Chalets back from us. They barked at me - and the nice man who they own talked to my pawrents. Dad dad offered me to "lead the pack" in the races - and the man said I could **IF** I was FAST ENOUGH!! 

I'm like lightening my furiends ... of course I'd be FAST ENOUGH!!

Mum was skeered I'd pull a muscle or have some other injury. She is such a worry wort!!

So we went to check out the Dog-Sled course.

It was nice to walk on.

The edges smelt good.

Then mum wanted a PHOTO SHOOT. So some-pup had to get a COLD BUTT!! Come on ma .... speed it up!!

This snow moss smelt good too!

Look how far my paws sink down!!!

And a little photo with my mum!!

Yep - I reckon this race track will be good funs for the doggies! Unfortunately I will not be able to lead that Husky team because we have to book out and get back to Bright before the weekend!! THEIR LOSS!!! (BOL!)

Now a real treat for you my furiends.!! My uncie made a little VIDEO of ME in the SNOWS for you ... coz mum is not clever enough to do that. Watch it - it is funny - especially me runnin' and kickin' off those boots!! BOL!!!

Wasn't that a BLAST!!! I'm faster than lightening aren't I???!! Those stoopids boots slowed me down too!

Stay Tuned for PAWT 4!!!!


  1. Wow it looks like a great place and the sled course looks pawsome fun. Glad you had a lovely time even if the boots slowed you down. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh Rubie I'm so jealous of you meeting those racing dogs, I just love them, I watch them on the television with my Momma all the time, I bark at them and would love to pull my own sled, I love the snow! It looks like you really got used to the snows, you are really fast, you do super zoomies in the snow, those snow booties definitely slowed you down! I'm sorry to hear that both your Mum and Dad Dad fell down and hurt themselves but its good that someone came to clear the dangers of the ice driveway! I am sure that you will be really sad to leave, it's so beautiful there, you have so much to see from your windows! This has been a wonderful vacation! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  3. You could easily of pulled and lead a sled - look at you go - those must be high speed running boots you had on. Who would ever think there would be sled dog races in Australia.......bet it was fun meeting them

  4. Rubie, you got to meet two teams of sled dogs? That is so cool! You look so cute dressed up in all your snow gear. What does the snow smell like? I don't get any of that in Florida.

  5. OMD, it's such a shame you had to leave early, because you would've led that team to VICTORY!

  6. You have the coolest stuff outside your window. Hope mom is ok so she could go play outside. Are you going to join the husky pack?
    Lily & Edward

  7. RUBIE.... we are sorry that your mum and dad BOTH slipped in the snow and ice... butt we DID warn you about it being treacherous stuffs... THANK DAWGNESS were were no snow FREAKS there making it WORSE.
    OMD you did see some fun sights out your chalet window... Peeps can be crazy sometimes..WANTING to slip and slide and GLIDE in the snow..
    WOW WOW W O W Girrrrl you ARE fast... even with the boots... Sorry that your mum FOUND them. Guess that is why she went with the Bright Pink.
    LOVED your Video... can't wait to see MORE of your snow vacation.

  8. You are VERY fast. AND we noticed that you didn't fall over or anything....great balance. Better than some we could mention.

    Are you going to watch the Sled races?

  9. Looks like ya had fun in da snows!

  10. You can certainly run Rubie - those dog sled teams missed out not having you there. Love your little boots and matching jacket too. Hope your peeps are better now that sounds really bad to fall on icy driveways :-( woofs and licks from Magic xx


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