Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hollingday in the White Stuffs - SNOW - Pawt 4

OOOoooo the fun continues .... but be warned ... this will be my last post in the SNOWS ... maybe for FUREVER .... so drink it all in my furiends!!

This is me enjoying an "alpine breakfast" ...

And this is the peeps' "alpine breakfast". Lucky I got to do QA on their breakfasts .... coz my kibble looked a little PATHETIC in comparison!!

Mum says the breakfast sausages were "low-fat" ... so that means she can feel better about herself and how big her "rear end air bags" are gettin'.

Thankyou for askin' after my clumsy pawrents over their spills and thrills. Dad's injuries were much more dramatic that mum's - he HAD a big LUMP on his NOGGIN ... but they healed good. Mum says it's mainly their fault because she didn't insist upon really good snow footwear - thinking we would only be in the snows for such a short time ... but she NOW KNOWS it is vitally imPAWtant for peeps to fork out for appropriate footwear in icy conditions. 

This is another sight I saw out my chalet window ... the neighbour lying with his PEEP early in the morning. As you can SEE - I was NOT the ONLY nosey parker !!!

On one of my walks .... I came across HARRY and his nice MUM. Harry is a seasoned snow professional ... hence no boots and no coat. His mum and dad bought a chalet up here in the village many years ago - when it was brand new - and they holiday up here a lot. They were very impressed with me keeping on my boots!!

In fact - in a few short days I was FAMOUS in this TOWN. Everyone knew about the "dawg with the pink boots". There were peeps stopping their cars and taking a closer look at my boot encrusted paws ... the CELEBRITY was makin' my HEAD SWELL a little!! BOL!

Lots of peeps kept sayin' that their dawgs rip em' off FAST ... but sometimes I KNOW when to be GOOD. I knew my furiends ... that unless I kept my boots on ... I would not be able to hollingday in the snows. That's the sort of peep my mum is. Just sayin'.

Here I am in -7 celcius (19.4F) and in the big cold winds. This walk before dinner was FRESH. Mum's hands were frozen solid she says, she didn't wear her gloves so she could use her camera instead. This is what I got to deal with furiends!!

More shots around our village.

Look away FRANKIE - there is an abstract thingy in the background that COULD be a snowfreak!

This village of Dinner Plain is where peeps can go to learn how to ski because there is a little snow hill and a mini ski lift:

There were peeps bringing their little peeps here to learn tricky stuffs with long things strapped/locked on their feets.

Back in our chalet - Mum wanted to show you how she dried our boots/shoes in between going outside. It was warm under those tiles my furiends .... nice to stand on with bare paws.

And I wanted to show you how I relaxed in between gettin' those boots strapped on me - in my blue bed with a buffalo ear!! Yea!! 

This is the morning we left - just doin' our last walk round.

Mum and me both in RED with a last minute photo opportunity.

And this is just before we got in the car to leave. I met two RACING MALAMUTES ... they are competing in the Sled Dog races here too. Their nice peep told us that malamutes are bigger and heavier than huskies ... so they race against other malamutes only because they are slower (than huskies) in general. But from what I saw - these doggies really love what they do - all the peeps were sayin' that the dawgs get all fired up the closer they get to the race - they are so happy and excited!

We didn't get to see the actual racing though. We were hoping to see some practice runs ... but our timing was not great!

Before she forgets - mum wants to share with you her FAVOURITE photo of our trip. The photo is absolutely highlighted and saved by ME ... - don't ya reckon??? (**schnauzer winks**)

So back in the car we go (chains not required today) and we start our journey back to the top of Mount Hotham ...

Conditions very much PEA-SOUP up the top - not nice and sunny like where we were!! What a difference 10kms UP means!

At Hotham village, the peeps are still riding the chair lifts goin' to the tops to ski down!! Mum and dad dad were HAPPY they were in the CAR!!

The fogs were so thick ... we could not see the mountain view on the right hand side!! 

Down we go now ... off the mountains.

**SEE  YA  LATER  SNOWS !!!!**

Almost at our next stop for 5 nights:

Beautiful BRIGHT!!

Here is a MAP for you furiends. It shows the route we took to get to Dinner Plain. (I agree it's a great NAME!) It was approximately 1000km (one way) to drive. That's about 621 miles. 

Hope you JOIN me for PAWT 5 !!!


  1. Snow much fun Rubie and we love the pic of all your boots. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. that was one wonderrful adventure ....Mom was drooling all over the keyboard - she so misses real aussie bacon and snaggers...especially the snaggers.

  3. Wow, looks like so much fun! We love the little booties! Mom wonders if we would wear those, our snow will be coming soon enough!

  4. Gosh Rubie, snow, slippery ice, fog, taking photos with frozen hands, you and your mum and dad will now know exactly what to expect on a winter visit to Scotland.
    Toodle pip!
    PS That Alpine Breakfast looks divine.
    PS That

  5. WOW…. you are having a grrrrrrreat hollerday! I wish I could see dat much snow. We only get a dusting here in da winter so I don't have me any snow booties. You sure can rock does booties. High Paws!

  6. Such a beautiful place and we love the chalet's!! Going on vacation must be soooo much fun.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. What a beautiful place. Your chalet looks so cozy. Cool boots
    Lily & Edward

  8. RUBIE RUBIE RUBIE..... OF COURSE you were like a FAMOUS CELEBRITY with your beautiful Pink ensemble. We did not realize that you had TWO pairs of Boots... THAT is grrrreat.
    ONE warming and drying and the other... to wear. BRILLIANT.
    OMD no WONDER your mum says that is her FAVORITE picture !! We love it too.
    AND thanks fur the WARNING about the pawtential snow Freak. THEY are truly the TERRORS of winter weather.
    OH what a GRAND and GLORIOUS Vacation you did have and we want to SINCERELY thank you fur sharing it all with US... You would make a WONDERFUL tour guide and spoksdawg fur that area. THEY SHOULD HIRE YOU.

  9. Holy snow dogs Rubie! This is like the most exciting vacation EVER! You are a famous celebrity girl now! May I have your pawtograph? I can't wait to see what is next. I am glad you didn't get too close to the dreaded snow freaks.

    Love Sasha

  10. We aren't missing the snow one bit

  11. Looks like a fun time. I gots pink snow boots too, I used em a lot when I lived in Bawston.

  12. What a lovely snow adventure. If you ever miss snow come and visit us from November til March and we will be happy to share the white stuff with you!

  13. You and your pink boots have celebrity status now....what a hoot.

    We've enjoyed your snow adventures. Looks like fun. SHE (growing up in Virginia) loves that we can VISIT the snow and don't have it dumped on us any time! We're still hanging out to go to a real beach sometime which may be more reasonable.

  14. Blimey Rubie, you are a lucky dawg. It all looks so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. You're not missing much in Adelaide. It's raining again today and for the rest of the week too. Enjoy yourselves mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. What a grreat trip! I'm not surprised you became a celebrity in such a short time. Peeps go WILD about a sharp-dressed dawg.

  16. Hello Rubie, how pawsome! Your trip was absolutely gorgeous! Love the pic of numbers of boots on the floor to get dry.

    Momo & Pinot

  17. Wow, what a beautiful trip! Looks like you enjoyed your celebrity!


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