Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm at The Gym!!!

My mum says she's been "battling her bulges" for as long as she can remembers. She is now under the directive of a nice kidney specialist to "lose some weight"!! Shheez, she says she is sick and tireds of every medical person telling her to lose weight!!! So she said something about "trying to turn around the Titanic" and took me for a tour of her GYM.

I hope she is not inferring that I am a fatty boom-ba too!! Anyway - here's a snippet of my tour.

First my FAVOURITE fitness instructor Charlie (who is one of my FAVOURITE people) gave me an overall tour of the gym room.

In between the equipments, the humans jog or do stationary exercises on these square things called the recovery board. I'm a little concerned because there are so many recovery boards.....the humans must need a lot of recovery!

I've just come off the abdominals machine and on the next recovery board.
This one says I should be doin' some "leg curls" - geez, try as I might, I can't make my leg curl - bend at the knee maybe - but that's it! 

Here's Charlie congratulating me on my efforts at the gym. Mum cut her head off the picture, but let me tell you she is a beautiful and kind woman..... and she loves me!! They won't let me join - something about me showin' up every human there with my cuteness and extreme fitness! I negotiated some visits to the beach with Charlie and her doggie Lucy instead!

Mum reckons she needs to lose 10kg in 7 and a half weeks (that's when she fronts up to the doc again). She's started with calorie countin' and ramping up her visits to the gym. She's even signed up for the gym zumba combo classes! THIS I GOTTA SEE!!

As for me - we normally have "junk food Friday" where I share Mum's chicken hot pack for din dins. She tells me that there will be no chicken hot pack tonight. Huummpph!  I'm distressed about that. I don't like this diet already!!!

Send her some luck everyone - she is gonna need it!!


  1. you hit on the main problem right there! If the humans start watching what they eat, YOU miss out on treats. That is so unfair. Couldn't she get you a chicken don't have to share it with her.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Be a good girl Rubie help your mum out take HER for lots and lots of walks!!

  3. We wish her luck. Oh yes, why don't you take her out for more walks but keep an eye on her that she doesn't eat more after exercising.

  4. you are a should stop by and visit my schnauzer boys...Daisy Kendra and Bella sent us over...

  5. Yes, luck, luck and more luck. Have a great day and weekend too.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. I am sending big arm loads of LUCK for you to throw at you Momma 'cause I believe she CAN do it. Hi I'm Sophie the Labradoodle from Nova Scotia Canada and I believes in yer Mum....Cheers!

  7. Hello, Miss Rubie! I came over from Pet Blogs United and I'm happy to meet you! How fun that you live in Australia! When I read on PBU that you were on summer break I was confoozled because we are having winters here, but Mom told me that you have summers when we have winters, so you even have Christmas in summers!

    My mom says to tell your mum she admires her for working to get more fitter. Mom wants to get more fitter herself, but she always forgets to do her exxersizers and she likes to eat a lot of sweet-type noms so she hasn't been very successful. So your mum is doing a great job and it's super neat that you got to go check out the gym!

  8. P.S. If you would like you may visit me at I wasn't able to use my Wordpress ID to make a comment.

    Barks & Wiggles,


  9. Coco wants to look as well-groomed as you....

  10. You are so cute, Rubie!! Glad you had fun at the gym.

    Thank you for reading our blog and donating to our dear friend Casey. She is a great dog.. worth every penny!!!! Thanks, again.

    Paige & Simba

  11. We know she can do it! We're cheering her on!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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