Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holling Days - The report....Part 3(final)

Hi everyone! Thankyou for all your kind and generous comments regarding my Holling Day - it's a lot of fun telling you and showing you what a great time we had.

This was the "sleepover night" Scarlet and Zoe had with us.... as you can see a day of "runnin' free" makes for a quiet evening for the peeps!

The next day, after more freedom antics, Scarlet, Zoe and Uncie went home as left us. I was feelin' sad and a little weary for a while.

The sadness didn't last long..... did I tell you that the owners of the B&B are so good to me, that they left me a pile of dry sticks on the verandah to choose from. Very kind don't ya think?!

I spy with my widdle eye, something that starts with S!!!!!!! And something that starts with B!!!! Can you guess?

Wooo Hooooo!

See George (my lad)(I know you will approve)  I score the ends off all the sausages - but no onion! UUmmmm! Yummers!

After our sausage sizzle, the pawrents and I walked around the entire farm, and checked out all the nooks and crannies.

This part of the farm is heritage listed and the owners planted 25,000 trees on it after all animal farming had ended. Notice there is no lead attached to me, I was stayin' nicely with my peeps.

In the evening I stuffed myself between my peeps for comfort and warmth while watchin' TV.

Our last night was COLD and WET, we got lotsa rain.... oh well - we were warm and comfy, and the rain is good for the farmers.

The fog lifted, and the day started to fine up. After packing our stuffs back into the car, I was harnessed and placed back in the car too. I guess that means that we are not going to live here afterall. This is sad - but it looks like I'm coming back in the future!!

So everyone - get your peeps to book into a "pet friendly" Holling Day destination - that way you can get to go along and have a blast too!! Don't let them have all the fun  ;-)


  1. O hai! That looks like so much funs!! :)

  2. Thanks for showing us all the wonderful pictures of the fun you had. Super!

    pawhugs, Max

  3. thanks for sharing pics of your getaway...those sausages make my mouth water :)

  4. It all looks wonderful, but go back to the sausage part!!


  5. Rubie, you had a fantastic holiday, lovely place to explore, friends to play with...and sausages too, what more is there?! Hope you settled back in at home now, Dex & Lou x

  6. Oh what a wonderful vacation you went on! Gosh, I am so jealous! Freedom to run, see sheep, pick sticks and sit in front of a wood fire. Last but definitely not least, all the company and that wonderful BBQ!!! You Australians are some very lucky creatures!!! We are coming along next time!

  7. 4 Paws up you got sausage, there nothing like a good sausage ;)
    Loved coming with you on your trip, hope you get many more if mom and dad get the motor home ;)
    Have a good week even though you are back home
    See Yea George xxx

  8. Hi Rubie, just calling back to wish you a lovely weekend and to say yes, we have lots of ducks on the river, she forgot to add that photo, the last one had 9 baby ducklings with it! Love Dexter x

  9. Rubie, That looks like the bestest 'holly daze' ever!!
    Especially when you broke out the sausages, oh yeah!
    I sure liked your picture over at 'Green Bandanna' day. You looked like a super model in a magazine!


  10. Oh Rubie, looks like a great hollingday.....But how could anything that involves sausages fail to be good?

  11. Wah such a fun time! We sort of went on a holiday with you by looking at your photos -- thanks for sharing!


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