Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perimeter BREACH!!!

I'm a very ALERT mini schnauzer - nuthin' gets past me when it comes to my place and my yard. My alarm is VERY loud - mum calls it my "big girl voice" and I really go to town on anything that is "non- authorised" around me.

Take the following for example. I detect an intruder and his big white van on the top level of my property. Therefore, I go BALLISTIC with my "big girl voice" and get dad to check on what the heck is going on.

Now..... wouldn't you go BALLISTIC if you saw this out your Parents' bedroom window???? It was my duty! Ma said he even has a "plumbers crack".... whatever that is??!!

Hmmm - very suspicious indeed. My pa went out and conferred with the man in the bright top.

Ha - here he is going backwards and forwards to his van gettin' stuff, and then fiddling with our water meter in the bushes.

All this surveillance is good on the comfy mink blanket. Apparently the man is from the water company and they are switchin' over our meter - he called it "preventative maintenance". In that case, you are authorised by me, the mini schnauzer, to go about your business - but do it and GO!

Note I take my surveillance seriously - never taking my eyes off the intruder!  And not even givin' you guys a sweet smile for the blog. I was busy. Next time I promise.

Ohhh - before I forget - don't forget to check out the Third Annual Bandana Day over at The Portuguese Water Blog...... I'm there in my green. But I'm not from South Africa, I'm from South Australia (a small typo I'm sure).


  1. Rubie you have the award for the day for keeping up the Schnauzer Duties in such a brilliant manner. Our human says we were originally watchdogs so we're only doing what comes naturally - although sometimes she says she doesn't need 5 minutes of piggy squealing when the postman comes every day! Well done Rubie, love the mink by the way, Dex & Lou x

  2. You can't let your guard down for a minute! Great alarm. We're the security alarm here.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

    We were going to ask if you'd moved to South Africa....BOL!

  3. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, great job! It is our main duty to patrol and maintain law and order. I'm sure given a chance, you would have given that invader a hard bite on his plumbers crack! BWAR HAR HAR
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Plumber's Crack... BaaaaWaaaah that one just... Well, it Cracks me UP!!!

    I think you did an excellent job of protecting your property!!

  5. Whoa.... good thing that you're on duty, Ruby. You caught that guy in the act and sounded the alarm. Good for you!!!!

    pawhugs, Max

  6. there is nothing like a schnauzer alarm...except maybe when you have 2 going off at the same time....good job....

  7. Greetings! We are coming over (and new followers of your blog) from the Portugese Water Blog and Bandana Day. We loved your picture and green bow! We hope you'll pop by and visit us too sometime!

  8. Good job, Rubie! Alerting the humans to anything suspicious is a very important schnauzer duty. Oscar takes it very seriously - good to see that you do too!

  9. ewww, rubie i'm so sorry you had to see that man's plumbers crack! my favorite person to bark at is the roofers on top of other peoples' homes. :)

  10. Good work Rubie! (Now I can comment at last!) Yes - I have a 'big girl voice' too. It's true that schnauzers have always been watch dogs to let people know about strange goings on outside the house. I can let everyone in the street know if I'm suspicious.Keep up the security work - love from Magic

  11. Rubie, you do a pawsome job keeping your parents apprised of intruders. So far I haven't seen any plumbers cracks around here but I have chased off a few turtles. ~Fenris

    Thanks for sending some flowers for The Flower Show.

  12. Hello again, Rubie! I just wanted to let you know that I passed a well-deserved award on to you and your blog. My post about it is here:


  13. seems everyone is getting awards tonight!, well the award im giving you is also Inspirational Blogger Award...stop on by, when you get a chance :)


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