Sunday, June 19, 2011

Award Time!!

Have you heard??!...........have you?????


Let me explain. THREE (count em' 3) of my bestest mates (who also happen to be mini schnauzers) have passed on a Blogville award to me in the last week or so. Get ready - here it is:

Taaa Daaaa!!!!!!

These mates were YUKI the white mini schnauzer, then OSCAR, then SAWYER. Sawyer also awarded me the "Stylish Blogger Award" but I have already accepted that some months back. I need to get mum to put them up on my blog somewhere so you know which awards I already have!

So, back to this one. My mum wishes to tell everyone that it is a challenge to have a "pet blog" in Australia because it is quite rare to do that. Most people look at my mum real strange when she mentions it..... then pull a face, then say that she must have too much time on her hands!! My mum refuses to get into Facebook or Twitter so my blog is as far as she can stretch it. She does enjoy helping me with my posts....she is sort of the "director of operations" in a way. Therefore, if me, my blog or my director of operations are an inspiration to blogville, I say a big THANKYOU!! We try and keep it interesting and funny where we can.

I am supposed to now pick one of my posts which I consider inspirational..... and a further 10 inspirational posts from Blogville. I am going to bend the rules and give you 10 blogs rather than posts because we follow the blogs not the posts, after all.

I will link you to a great day I had at one of our beautiful beaches - I think the beach is my favourite outing! Click here.

As a very young pup - there are several blogs which stirred me in such a way that I just HAD to start my own blog....mainly because they were fellow mini schnauzers and their blogs were just crazy cute, funny, and inspirational. Excuse me if you already have this award...... but I wanted to give recognition where it was due:

1. The Daily Oskar. Oskar and his mom person Pam. Wow you guys totally rock - and Oskars' wicked sense of humour always hits the spot. He and his mom person also run "Pet Blogs United". 

2. Pup-alicious. My mum and I took an early shine to this (Aussie!) blog and totally loved that Sasha's mum even rescued a (part) mini schnauzer (Rupert) as well giving him a beautiful -last part- of his life. He is now playing over the rainbow bridge. Sasha and her mum don't blog very often anymore - I think her mum is waiting for a pay rise!

3. Schnauzer and Schnauzer. This is JD and Max's blog. What can we say - PAWESOME - that can sum it up. Like Sasha, there needs to be a pay rise appointed to the Female Human to entice more blogging activity.... but we will take what we can get! Truly inspirational stuff - and helped my mum formulate the  courage to go into the pet blogging world.

4. Santa, Minnie, Christmas and the girls. Not to mention Beckham and Bobby. A team of mini schnauzers which are truly wonderful to see. Santa has the best ears (more like a bunny) and what Diana can teach ...... tricks, flips, obedience and dancing etc - Wow! You have to see it to believe it.

5. Betsy-Boo from New York. Another inspiring blog which set me going. Betsy is as cute as a button and has Swedish parents (close to my ma as she has Swedish relies). Betsy has apartment living all sewn up, and she struts her stuff on the pavements of the Big Apple. Her blog helps us to see what a different world we all live in, with lots of description of their lifestyle and her rides in shopping trollies in some Pet-Friendly shops!!! (Unheard of here in Australia)

So they are the BIG 5 original inspiring blogs which took our breath away originally.

Thankyou ....... from my garden... and my rock.

The next 5 blogs are ones which have since tickled our fancy and we enjoy reading religiously. (PS: there are more.......obviously.....but we can only pick 5)

6. George the Lad. Who DOESN'T know George??! He is a Welsh Terrier with a wonderful sense of humour and GREAT peeps. My peeps love his peeps. My mum is GREEN with envy over the walks and scenery that George shows us. He makes her want to move to the UK. George also shows us that dogs ARE WELCOME in a lot of places and a lot of pubs...... unheard of here!

7. Downunder Daisy - 3 Scottish Terriers that are here in little ol' Aussie land. Daisy, Bella and Kendra write a great blog with help of HER. (Their camera shy mum person). They are too far away for me to visit just yet - but when we get the motorhome....

8. Living with 6 Hamsters (And 2 dogs). Tooki writes a wonderful blog, her intelligence and heart are inspirational. She battles a country which still has tradition and views that are sometimes very old fashioned and "anti-pet" and she faces the sadness of dog and cat homelessness - with animals having to scratch out an existence on the streets. Tooki had a mini schnauzer (Coco) and then took home a stray puppy (Wawa) and they are housemates now.

9. Gardening with Wyatt. Airedale Terriers Wyatt (and sister Stanzie) help their peeps in the family landscaping and gardening business. Wyatt, in particular, is an excellent helper. They are funny and cute - don't miss them.

10. Sarge Speaks Out.  My mate Sarge who lives in a cabin in the woods (no, really!) It seems to be the best place to live, just don't ask the chipmunks! Sarge is gorgeous and helpful and the Blogville chief of Pawlice. His dad taught him all about the law. Inspirational. 

So there it is. Whew!!!  Sorry that it was so long.... a lot of reading for pups....


I leave you with a picture of yet another torture device bought for me by my mum:

She calls it a raincoat.  :-(

She seems to think that the glitter around the edges are enough to make me LOVE it! Peeps!!!


  1. Hi Rubie,
    Thanks so much for including me in your, inspiration award I'm honoured ;) I enjoyed your beach trip, I know some of the bloggers you have linked to, put there are some new ones for me to visit. I will be having a blogging break soon so will put the award up then
    Thanks for a very inspirational award
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Just went to exit via my link but its sent me to a web page. and I couldn't get off it!! had to go back into google again don't know why! all the others are OK let me know if there is something fishy going on.

  3. Wow...I am honoured and a BIG T*H*A*N*K Y*O*U from Coco, Wawa, Mimi, Momo, An, Kuai and Le! And of course from Auntie Tookie...:D

  4. Congratulations on your award. Very wonderful and deserved. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Rubie-
    Thanks so much!! We can see that we are in good company.

    We luv you too, furiend!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  6. Congratulations on such a great award! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I wouldn't like to wear that raincoat either, but you do look pretty in it.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. Congratulations Rubie on your well deserved award, our human also gets some odd looks when she mentions 'our' blog - the dog lover friends say oh yes and ask for the address, the non dog lover friends just look at her a bit strangely ;-) Have a great week, the raincoat looks great on you by the way, Dex & Lou x

  8. Congratulations Rubie!!!!
    Have a nice sunday.
    Woof, woof,


  9. Thanks for the award. We're honoured and will try to pick it up later this week.

    We don't wear coats....we can't move with anything on reason we could wear the sacks. That and HER yelling and putting treats nearby.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Sorry no Twisties left from the if that was going to happen.

  10. Rubie, congratulationS!!! You are awesome and you are admirable. We love reading about you and your life in down under. We lived there for a short time and it was absolutely wonderful! You are such a lucky schnauzer with such great parents! We envy your space, the outdoors and the garden that you get to stroll around it! The wall canvases were absolutely amazing, you surely are photogenic!!!! Thanks for passing the awards to us, we will claim in shortly. We have been very busy lately so we appreciate your support and your patience. All the best and thanks!!!!

  11. I don't know Rubie, that "torture device" looks awfully stunning on you...

  12. oh, rubie-i also got a new torture device-a new collar and name tag. mom got a new kind of collar too, it's a snap buckle not a regular buckle like the one i figured out how to take off and destroy. im gonna have to figure out how to take this one off too. ;)

  13. Rubi é bom andar na praia ,mas eu não gosto do calor da areia
    Vai lá ao blog tenho lá umas coisas para ti
    Turrinhas da amiga

  14. Wow, you got the same award from THREE of us!?! You're very loved! Congratulations!


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