Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hi Everyone!!

Let me introduce myself..... I am Rubie a very cute Miniature Schnauzer living in Adelaide, South Australia. I am now 7 months old. This photo of me was taken a few weeks ago when I came home from Vet hospital after my little operation that my human mum said that I had to have. She bought me this bribe toy (It gets called "operation chicken" now) to help me get over my stitches on my tummy.

My interests include - Food, Treats, Eating and Begging for anything edible. Tennis balls are a great hit with me. Also - I love it when someone new comes and rings the front doorbell. I greet with glee. I also love to go on my walks, and mum has enrolled me in obedience school and puppy agility classes. I think I'm pretty good at everything and mum says I would do anything for a food treat!

Other interests include reading other pet blogs and learning how to blog for myself. Watch this space!

Hope you will read about me!!


  1. Hi Rubie,

    We saw your cute face on PBU's followers and later realised that you were following us too! We came over to say "hi" and to let you know that we think you are a cutie.

    We had that "little operation" last week and we are now feeling the itch.

    Welcome to the world of blogging!

    - Christmas and the girls

  2. "obedience school and puppy agility classes"

    If you ever want some blog material, I would love to see photos, etc. of both of those training sessions.

  3. Mum says that both school and agility classes are on Summer break. We will go back in the second week of February 2011. We will give the camera to dad coz mum is the one who does these classes with me, and will gladly post some info for you... my friend Jasper (mini schnauzer too) does these classes as well ;-)

  4. wow u are only 7 months old?

    Hehehe our Daddy thinks you look kinda big size for 7 months old... but its good, hope your Mummy dont stop u from eating like how our Mummy does to us!

    Fatty & Ally

    p.s. do u know Sasha pupalicious?

  5. Hi Eric, I was hoping to talk wif u one day... I'm a big fan of Fatty and Ally..& I can't wait to hear how Fatty goes with being a Mama! I took after my schnauzer dad in the growth department - I grew quick and am quite broad and strong - I've stopped growing now and am 8.8kg. I've trained my mum to feed me well, but she has to keep an eye on my weight...Booo! I will just keep eating until I explode otherwise!! I have left a comment for Sasha and am hoping her mum will contact me....paws crossed!! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.


I do a Big Tail Wuggle when I get your comment!!!


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