Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ACTION Bitey Face....and Christmas is coming!

Scarlet and Zoe came over again yesterday, this is our last "play-day" before Christmas. I have already clued up Zoe on what Christmas means..... because this is her first Christmas too.

I've already established that it includes peoples, pawties, food, parcels and treats. There will be a good chance that some food, parcels and treats will be specially for US. So we have to be good.

First here we are showing how good we can be:

This is us being good for mum and uncie. Let's hope Santy Paws is also watching. Scarlet is resting on her dad (my uncie).

Scarlet: It's about to deteriorate here, these two young ones can't control their urges for being a bit naughty - Santy Paws - look away now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grrr Grrr Grrr!!

Surprise bitey face....

    More bitey face.             

Let's take it to the floor Zoe! 

Zoe: OK - let's go!

Zoe: We love bitey face, and we are good at it! Santy Paws won't mind....we are only playing!!

Rubie's mum: OK - all three of you have to try on your Christmas outfits and be good doggies for the camera. Your blog needs some nice photos of you three being all festive, Rubie.

Scarlet: Can't wait for this one!! You really think the little squirts are going to be "good while looking festive"?? 

See - we can be good like the mini schnauzers in Kuala Lumpur!! They always sit nicely on the couch!

Scarlet: Deterioration begins - stage 1 

Scarlet: Here's stage 2

Scarlet: Stage 3 - I'm outa here! You two never quit!!

Zoe: What????    Is there a problem??? Where did Scarlet go???? We have a photo shoot to do!! I hate it when my sister doesn't take things seriously!!

Yea - and mum hasn't even put the little red and white matching hats on us yet!!!!

Zoe: (Gulp)....there's hats too!!?? How are we gonna keep them on our little furry heads?????


  1. Very wonderful commentary... and pictures, of course. You guys are walking a thin line with Santy Paws, I do believe. Hang in there ... only a few more days to be good.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Three playful little doggies. No, Santa won't mind, but don't overdo it, or he might put less treats in your stockings. Do you have stockings?

    Also, pretty picture of you all being good.

  3. I almost forgot to say... Love the new blog layout and background!

  4. Hiya Ms Lavi, I like it when to talk to me. We will try not to overdo things - but Zoe is a bad influence! We don't have stockings - I will ask my mum about it though! My uncie helped me with the new look blog - we still need to update the main picture - we are thinking about it!! But my favourite colour is green, and I wanted my blog to be green! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  5. love the scary bitey faces!!! Those Christmas outfits were adorable!

  6. The bitey faces are great! You guys look great in your collars, but you might want to run from the hats.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. I love that expression, "Bitey Face," because that is what our puppies do. It is so innocent, but the photos look frightening. LOL


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