Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day

Every year my mum makes a nice "Christmas Dinner" on Boxing day for her very good friend from England, Auntie Lynny. She is a professional pet lover and has 3 rescue doggies of her own at the moment. Auntie Lynny tells me she used to own a horsie and a puddy cat too. They have crossed the rainbow bridge.

But I have also trained Auntie Lynny in the correct techniques for keeping mini schnauzers "on side" and so she brought Scarlet, Zoe and me something special in a Christmas bag:

Auntie Lynny trying to give us our Christmas Bag - you can see how calm and patient we are to see what she has brought us.

Yummo - Nom Noms - we each got a piggie ear!! Thanks Auntie Lynny!!

Because Scarlet and Zoe were here for a Play-Day with me, Mum thought you would like to see a "before" shot of some of our back yard before they got here.

Now for some reason, these "after" shots are something of a big deal:

Just because some "mulches go flying"

Does not mean that that's a bad thing surely!

Rubie's mum: You're not the one that has to do the "day after sweeping", Rubie!


  1. Oh Oh... you're in trouble again. Don't worry, you're too cute to be in trouble for long.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. what patient doggies you were...but the mulch? Too funny!
    Glad you got some great pawsents!

  3. Aw...that surely is not a bad thing, Rubie! That's not your fault if the mulches go flying!

  4. Excellent job on the yard lanscaping. It's one of a schnauzers most important jobs!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Oh, my...I got a pigs ear too. They are deelishus. I hope you enjoy yours.

    I dont see anything wrong in those after photos. Who knew the humans would mind a bit of digging in the garden. Hrrmphf!
    xxx Oz


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