Sunday, December 19, 2010

My First Christmas "Do"

I thought something funny was going on at my place. For two days there seemed to be a lot of shopping, cooking and housework going on here. Then my dad started doing a lot of stuff outside and bringing up chairs to the gazebo from the shed. The shed seems to hold the "overflow" of human stuff from the house - as far as I can tell.

Then on Saturday - cars started to drive up my driveway and nice people started coming in through my front door. There was a lot of "glee-ful welcomes" to do.

My parents were hosting an early Christmas party for six of their close friends.

Here's me helping Auntie Candy juggle her punch and pat me at the same time. I think it's important that humans can multi-skill - especially where there is patting required.

Here I am again scoring pats from Auntie Jody - she's cool because she loves little dogs and has two little ones of her own..... oh, and she loves me!!

Meet my Uncie Benn, this is our first meeting - and, yes, he now loves me TOO! My effect is awe-inspiring on all who meet me. 

I scored a few doggie friendly nibbles at the outside event, then we moved inside for more food - I think the humans call it "dinner".

I forgot to take a photo of dinner - but I got to taste some turkey, bacon wrapped pork sausages and special carrots - I have to say "bravo mum!". Why don't we have this sort of stuff everyday?????

Here is a photo of the "sweets" - I hate this part of dinner because I get to "look but not touch (or taste)!" BUMMER DRAG!!!

Choccy mousse, brandied cherries, choc dipped strawberries and a choc and vanilla wafer - sounds like the appropriate food groups to me - but no matter what adorable face I pulled - I was unsuccessful in the taste department!!

After "sweets" we went to the Christmas Tree room. There were lots and lots of pretty wrapped parcels around the tree.

There were more parcels than this angle allows you to see - but I look good, no!??

OOOhhhhh Lookie - a little parcel for ME! My clever Auntie Kelly makes Jewellery and is very good at it..... I wonder if she made me something!?

Awww - a beautiful silver pendent for my collar - and it has a "R" for Rubie. I'm overwhelmed ..... thanks Santy Paws, Auntie Kelly and Uncie Barry!!

This big parcel is handed to me by Auntie Jody....... I wonder what it could be!!

Woooo Hoooo - a colourful stuffie - with a squeeker at the end of every colour - I'm gonna have fun with this!! Thanks Auntie Jody and Uncie Ben! They said their little boy doggie picked this toy out for me! He has good taste, and great understanding.

Look what else I got! Santa and Auntie Candy and Uncie Todd got me TWO bags  of some of my FAV treats - mini piggie ears and liver treats!!. Look how cool I am about it - but I'm really plotting to create a diversion and run off with my bags to get stuck into them in private. The way to a mini schnauzer's heart is through her tum tum! Thankyou!

When everyone had finished unwrapping their parcels and finished hugging one another, Uncie Todd chucked my new stuffie to me - see it flying across the room to me!! 

Uncie Todd is a experienced doggie owner - and he now loves me too. He got on hands and knees and played with me for ages.... my charm and good looks got to him. Who could blame him!

Here we are playing tug-a-toy - I took a while to get warmed up to Uncie Todd - he kinda has wild hair and I was a little unsure of him. But I think he's great now - and a great player with me!!

Love my Uncie Todd..... gggrrr stuffie! Haven't I got Uncie Todd well trained to play with me already. I'm a happy girl.

Well, I am beginning to understand this Christmas business - seems people get together, eat good food, talk and laugh a lot, then unwrap pretty presents. As I was told, there are more treats all round....even for ME! I like Christmas........ and there's more Christmas to come!!! Big paws up from me!

After this happy nite, I slept very soundly.


  1. Wowza!! You scored some pawsome pressies there Rubie!! You gots lots of hoomans showing you da love -- fo sure!!

  2. What great presents! See Christmas is really fun most of the time.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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