Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grandpaw Day

Every fortnight we go and visit my Grandpaw.... he's 80! My mum cooks a special dinner for him and my uncie, auntie and my dad too. She says it gives Grandpaw the day off and to enjoy himself instead of cooking and doing dishes (why don't they just lick em' clean??!).

Here is me flinging myself at Grandpaw when I first arrived:

Here is me showing off my training of my Grandpaw (he is trained to give me a special tummy rub).

I'm looking mighty pleased.....

Then uncie arrived with Scarlet and Zoe...... and the schnauzer fun begins:

First things first...... lots of Zoomies

                                                        Then there is some "Tug-a-toy"

Some chasies round and round we go.....

Bitey-face (of course!)

Dunno what this is..... general mucking about?

We love Grandpaw's backyard grass - we don't have grass at my place or at uncie's, and this grass has no yucky grass seeds or burs to get stuck in our schnauzer fur. Heaven! When no-one is looking I sometimes like to schnuffle down deep in there and put out little chunks.

When we went inside we make sure we are good little schnauzer Grand-fur-kids and sit nicely on the leather lounge:

OK - busted - we're  enjoying ourselves in a big way - you can see me mid-bitey-face! We are getting away with "blue murder".

Then we were called for dinner (at least the humans were) and guess who rocked up FIRST at the dining table:

Bet you thought it was going to be ME..... but no.... I know humans eat before doggies (what a dumb dumb rule!!)

But I did love my day with Grandpaw! 


  1. That was a fun day over at your grandpaw's. The grass at his backyard looks inviting just like those in the park that we go to. Hmph...our humans used to eat before us but we have trained them that we should eat before them, that way we won't pester/beg them for food whenever it's their turn to eat.

  2. What a great day. Your grandpaw looks like fun!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Hiya Rubie - oh you've got your grandpaw well trained we see, he's an expert at tummy rubs, good for you! What a fab day you had. Sadly we don't have a grandpaw - we wish we did now we've seen this post! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  4. It looks like they had such a great time, but I am also curious about what you made for the meal.

  5. Hi Nice Lady - mum made pot roasted Turkey leg (stuffed with apple and sage), roasted carrot, sweet potato and zucchini, boiled potato, rich gravy and warm foccacia bread. Sweets looked like a mess - but she said it was "Eton Mess" with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and blueberries, crushed meringue and flaked almonds on top. I got to have some Turkey gravy with my dinner, and I even got a sneaky lick of their sweets! YUM! Grandpaw had thirds!!


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