Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mum's been baking

Last night my mum felt a little guilty because she had not baked for me for some time. After careful consideration she decided to make me Carrot Balls! See my jar is full - yay yay yay! They are healthy for me too - they have wheatgerm, fresh carrots, wholemeal flour, rice flour, eggs, water and a little bit of raw sugar. I sampled one when it came out of the oven warm, but I think when they are cool they are crunchier - which are good for my tooth pegs.

See my treats? 

This is me about 20 minutes ago enjoying my new treats (well, only one!) Let me say....nom nom nom! Mum, you are an excellent chef.....keep em coming.... another one please??!! I said please......


  1. Do you have a receipe that you could post?

  2. No problems - I will pester mum into sharing the recipe for you! She will make a new blog entry. Rubie.


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