Sunday, December 12, 2010

THIS is what I was afraid of......

Yep - I was right.... those four signs I blogged about in the last post were BAD BAD signs of things to come:

Urrrcchhhh.............. I loathe bathtime!

Whadaya mean I was crusty and smelly...... 

Halfway thru blowie-drying (I don't mind this so much coz I've trained mum into bribing me with little bits of liver treats thru-out). In fact when she uses the blowie dryer on her hair - it makes me come running so that I can can share her liver treats!! I think she eats them before I get there.

I also cop detangling spray before the blowie dry, and leave in dishiner after I'm I smell a little Pina Coladaish too!!

Oh and another BAD sign to watch out for: Someone taking your collar off in the vicinity of the bathroom...... FIFTH bad sign.....

Do you guys hate baths as much as me??????? I heard kitty cats are lucky, they get to lick themselves clean and everyone seems happy with that!


  1. You betcha. I had one bath that I remember. I wasn't very helpful and didn't get to the treats part. After that, HH was more than happy to leave the grooming to me.

    Have a great day...

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Rubie,
    Baths are the worst aren't they!!! And I had TWO this week! What a cutie you are. And such a cool bloggy too!


  3. I'll boast a little and say that Aschiuta is a model girl in the bathtub. She stands still and gives me one paw at a time to scrub her clean. And no treats involved either.

    But the drying part is a bit difficult... She thinks the blow drier is a weird vrooming monster and tries to bite it. So I let her shake the water off and lick herself until she feels better. And bark and run around in circles like a mad doggie... :D

  4. "Crusty & smelly!!!" That's just rude, as is the bath.

    I hope you get lots of treats to recover.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Ruby, There is nothing like a good bath! I hope you got extra treats!!

  6. Hiya Rubie!! My furend Oskar said to come over and meet you!! So a big hellos to you!

    I haz to agree. Baffs are not fun. No sir. Dey is not fun at all!

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  7. Kelly hates baths too. She really hates it when we wash her outside with a hose. She hates the blow dryer even more. Gee, it's not easy to be a gal and try to get beautiful!

  8. Thanks for stopping by our blog!
    Betsy does actually like her baths these days. She used to jump up on me and put her claws as far into my skin as possible. I think that she has become accustomed to the shower as we wash her little paws in the tub after each walk. I know, it sounds crazy but her feet get so dirty from the streets!

    Betsy hates getting her head wet though!


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