Saturday, December 4, 2010

Breakfast and Bravery

Having a schnauzer face that no-one can say "no" to, I score quite well in the meal sharing department. My usual routine is to eat...or woof down as mum says.... my dry food breakfast - mum and I know it's good for me because it has a fellow mini schnauzer on the back of the pack!!

See - impressive

The vet said it's good for my tooth pegs too. After my breakfast is "done and dusted" - I stalk my parents until they have prepared theirs. Then it's full swing into looking cute and hungry for them. Dad usually has breakfast in his office/studio and he shares. Here are photos of events of this morning:

He has cleverly distracted me from "his" food and is slipping me a carrot ball. It's all good!

Nom, Nom, Nom

What mum?? Nothing to see here..... just sharing quality time with dad!

Just as an aside - the little black thing you see sticking out of my dad's jeans is a "poop-a-doop" bag - handy for when we go on walks and I get a certain urge. Now that he and mum are doggie owners - they have to pick up my "poop-a-doops"! Urrrch for them!

After all this - I exercised my BRAVERY. It's hot here at the moment, in fact when the following pics were taken the thermometer was showing 38.6 degrees outside. Despite this, I decided it would be good to venture outside for some innocence..... Little did I know mum would be pointing the flashy box at me through the family room window:

This is me in the heat, head down in my favourite low conifer bush - ready to prune a branch or two.

Again, me, in the middle of the act "helping" prune a pesky unwanted branch off.

The heat got me, and I didn't have the strength to pull and tug at it - will have to get it later.

But it was very brave to go out and leave my air-conditioning. Mum just told me the thermometer now shows 39.3 degrees outside. I'm inside again now!

Me recovering. Turn down the sun someone!!!

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