Friday, December 10, 2010


What's better than ONE tennis ball???

Lots and Lots of tennis balls of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I carefully gather all my balls together..... mum thinks it's hilarious - but it's how I keep a count to make sure no tennis balls thief has broken in and raided my stash!!!

If I am down on numbers I send mum or dad to check under furniture and drapes before calling the pawlice and reporting anything....

I was so impressed the other day when mum went digging through a wardrobe looking for something - and WOW - she found FIVE more tennis balls for me in there - even she was amazed!!Woooo Hoooo!

Here's an action shot of me - showing my "Crazy Eyes" for tennis balls - (normally I can display the "crazy eyes" while waiting for treats!!)

A cute look for my fans........

Action shot of "Ball-O-Rama"

Explanation of the rules: Parents throw or roll my balls to me up and down the hallway. I either try to catch them in my mouth or block then with my super paws. I always try to keep them gathered. I can do this for hours if I can keep my parents motivated and focussed. 

Ahhhhhh..............Love my tennis balls!


  1. That would make me crazy! How do you play with so many at once?

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Wow, you have so many tennis balls! Aschiuta would be envious of you. And yes, they do have the bad habit of getting lost under the furniture where little paws can't reach...


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