Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Garden Woozle

As I am a mini schnauzer, we come with some pretty handy stuff. Take our woozle for instance, it comes in handy for my schnoofling around the garden. I wanted to share with you some of my quality time in my garden. We're having such great weather at the moment, clear and sunny, without the burning heat. That is still to come.

Here I am after a gardening session (snoopervising my dad trimming branches off some bushes) - I'm still chewing on a choice stick, but I have used my woozle thru some low bushes, dirt and a bit of dampness as well. Boo-ti-ful!

Next I give you the "Stone Step Schnoofle". Very good for picking up loose dirt, twigs and sometimes some little ant like critters. Luurv-ley!

Even though I get mighty mucky.... the funny thing is........the humans still love me!! Go Figure! He He!

This is my woozle working overtime at my Grandpaws place - Here I am sporting some random yellow petal leafage. Goorgeous!

Next I wish to present the "Under the Nectarine Tree Schnoofle". Here I can pick up dried up leaves, decomposing organic matter, dirt and little stones as a bonus. Woo hoo!

What??............. why are you looking at me like that??!!....... do I have something on my face???????


  1. Your woozle is having so much fun in the garden...hahaha....

  2. Woozle is everything, especially for a Schanuzer! You are a lucky to who gets to sniff around in the garden! I just noticed that you have a full tail, it is so pretty and I wish they let all dogs keep their tails!

    Happy Holidays

  3. You go might dirty, but what's not to love. Great pics... hee hee.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. My mom person wants to smooch your face! Woozles are very handy for collecting things.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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