Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Thursday

Mum had to go and help out at a craft shop this morning.... so I worked on dad to take me on a sniff and walk of the neighbourhood. My powers of persuasion were faultless.  Not too long a walk - I'm a bit tired from Grandpaws and cousins yesterday.

When mum came home - and I jumped up and down with glee.... she gave me a taste of some doggie treats from a doggie bakery that is 3 doors down from the craft shop. I tried some Carob and Yoghurt Crispies today - Big Noms!! My favourite are their "Mutt Balls" and mum got me another packet of them for my treat cupboard. (Mum wants to know why my treat cupboard is so much better stocked than hers!)  He He He!

Then I spent a couple of hours typing at the computer (whew!). Lucky I was typing about my favourite subject - ME!

This is me now:

I'm doing nuthing now - until the dinner bell rings.......


  1. Lucky you getting a nice walk. It's too freezing cold here! We supposed to get a huge lot of snow dropped on us soon, too. I guess you wouldn't know what snow is, my mom person says she doesn't snow in Australia!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. The weather here lets me go on walks all year round. I know it's freezing over where you are - but stick by that personal heater of yours and under your lovely quilt Oskar! Mum told me that it only snows in the highlands of Australia where something called the "snowfields" are. So we Aussie doggies could travel and dig in the snow. For us it would mean about 10 hours in the car. Whew!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie


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