Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Contribution by Cousin Zoe

After yesterdays blog about "My Garden Woozle" - my cousin Zoe sent me these pics of her enjoying schnoofling and woozleing through her garden.

First one here is showing her soil and mulch sampling techniques - impressive Zoe!

Next pic is showing her woozle collection action after digging a feature hole in her backyard - she looks "as pleased as punch" with herself, doesn't she!

This one is for you Oskar's mom person, Pam - I'm sending you a woozle smooch back! Get Well Soon!

I also enjoy resting in a cool green spot, and hope for the day when mum and her flashy box are not stalking me!


  1. I would be licking my fur for the rest of the day if I got into gardening the way you do... Looks like fun though.

    Have a great day... pawhugs, max

  2. We are all better thanks to your precious woozle smooch!

    Zoe does have very good technique!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Hi Rubie,

    This is Remus and Riley's big sister B. I just wanted to say what a beautiful girl you are and that if I ever need any excavation done I know just the Schnauzies to call! What a lovely job you and your cousin both do!


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