Friday, December 3, 2010

Hot weather

My home town is famous for it's hot dry weather in summer (and this is my first summer) - the heat is cranking up now. Check out the thermometer! Whew!!

 The footpaths and walkways are going to be way too hot for my little schnauzer pads - so it means no walkies today..... that makes me sad coz I like to see and sniff the neighbourhood. However, I need to lay low until the number at the top comes down more. Here is what I'm doing to appreciate mum and dad's air-conditioning system:

Me waiting out the hotness (on dad's chair)

And this is just the beginning of summer.........(sigh) I'm definately a cool weather schnauzer!

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  1. Hiya Miss Rubie,

    Oh, thanks for dropping us such a nice e-mail - FH (female human) says she's gonna reply properly tomorrow as she's gonna be out for most of today!

    But gosh you're a cutie and we wanted to leave you a quick comment!

    Hey, before we'd like to ask that you introduce yourself to our grat pal Oskar, a fellow schnauzer. He's fab and so freindly - his personal blog is at and he also runs Pets Blog United (PBU) which is a great place for fellow animal bloggers to mingle and exchange ideas and meet friends - it's great! PBU is at Please DO visit and say we sent you!

    We'll woof again soon - schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.


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