Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Wildlife Park !!

Yesterday started off pretty good. I got to go in the car and we drove to Uncie's place - so I would get to play with Scarlet and Zoe!

Lots of my human family started to gather including 3 relatives from Sweden. So we thought - "boy oh boy big play-day with LOTS of humans too!!"

However, the humans put us behind doggie gates at Uncie's house and LEFT US!! There are no photos to share of this because it would have showed Scarlet, Zoe and me with looks of disbelief!

Apparently the humans thought going to a "wildlife park" was better without US!

I have been pawing through their photos:

Look at this - my pretty Swedish human holding a Koala!! How can that be better than holding a schnauzer???!!!!??

Check this out - one of my uncie's feeding a wallaby!! How can that be better than feeding a schnauzer???!!!???

Have a look - my Swedish relative human patting a baby deer!! - How can that be better than patting a schnauzer???!!!???

For goodness sake! This is a little goat sniffing my other Swedish relative - How can that be better than having a schnauzer sniff you???!!!???

Wise "frog mouth" owl: Rubie, stop being so paranoid - this is a special occasion visit - you get your loved humans around you everyday!!

Parrots: Rubie - we have a plan...... we will get your humans over to the angry monkey.... he will pull an angry face and scare them back to you Scarlet and Zoe!

Monkey: GGGGrrrrrrrrr!! Go home to the schnauzers!!!!!!

Well, look at that, these nice animals were only borrowing my humans for a short time..... and then they helped them get back to us. Thanks guys!!!! Good job!!

After being collected from Uncie's, we three schnauzers went back to my place and we had a big BBQ dinner. We scored some choice meats from the BBQ too. It was a late night, and my photographer was slack not taking any photos of us for my blog. She was supposed to be "hostess". Hummphh!

However, today I am absolutely knackered - it's going to be 39 degrees (celsius) outside - and this is all I'm interested in doing:

My eyes are open...... but my eyelids are getting heavy!


  1. Well we both know that none of those other animals are as good as schnauzers! I bet it made your people want to run right back to you.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Poor little Rubie missing all that fun!


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