Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas Eve

Geez, nobody told me how much energy I would have to save up for this whole Christmas Season. It's just exhausting being the new puppy and world wide web blogger. Yesterday was Christmas Eve, and there are always big celebrations at Grandpaws house because it's also his Birthday!! This year is a special one because we have relatives from Sweden over to visit me..... I Grandpaws niece and her daughter, then on the 27th Dec, they will be joined by Grandpaws' nieces husband! So far, so good , they love me too!

Zoe and me getting ready for a big day.

Me scoring a tummy rub from a relie.

Another nice relie giving me a neck scratch. Nice.

There were lot's of people gathered hugging, talking and eating - the Christmas tradition!! I counted 15 people altogether..... and they all loved me!

Scarlet: Hey, Rubie they thought me and Zoe were pretty good too!! It's not ALL about you, you know!

Zoe: Yea and this nice lady is picking ME to cuddle, Ha Ha!

Only coz you are little and light, Zoe, my mum is happy to pick me up and cuddle me - and she's my world Zoe!!

Anyway - back to playing!

This is us doing a Christmas collar congo line........ we kept on pulling each other around by the Christmas collar and occasionally one would fall off - but really, we were pretty good with them. It seemed important to the humans for us to wear them. 

When most of our dear relies went onto other parties, just my immediate people were left - dinner and sweets to come! I had some special food in my bowl....... 

It didn't stop me looking forlorn at the human dinner table - hoping for more!

Here's Scarlet taking forlorn to a whole new level...........a seasoned professional is Scarlet!

Then darkness fell, and the Christmas Tree room started to glow pretty with Christmas lights, and I spotted lots of the pretty parcels!

All these parcels are for ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's me opening them.

See what I got.......two plush animal cushions, one Christmas bear stuffie, one doggie candy cane, and a whole BUCKET of treats....... better sample some of that straight away!!

Rubie's Mum: I'll take that bucket Rubie, in fact, I'll be in charge of that bucket!

OOOhhhh drats! Bummer drag! I hate rationing!

But my mate Oskar was right - Santy Paws rocks, and Christmas does mean more treats all round!

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  1. Merry Christmas Rubie! I'm happy to know you had so much fun with all the relatives and your two pals.


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