Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ZOE did it!!!

Yesterday was Monday, so that means I hosted "play-day" with my cousins Scarlet and Zoe. Uncie came too coz he had to drive them in the car.

This is me waiting and watching the driveway for Uncie's car. See Santy Paws under the tree, he had a soft round button nose and it fell right off - NO -it had nothing to do with me biting...... honest....it fell off and I just happen to be seen batting it around the dining room floor.

Scarlet: I know I'm supporting an evil grin, but really I'm not that evil. It's just that the two little pains are so cute that they get most of the flashy box attention, so I have to pull a great face to be featured!

Scarlet: See what I mean - these two wrestle and play bitey face all day long - they pause and just look at the flashy box - and BAM - THEY get in the blog!

Well it me who writes the blog - so I get to pick the photos and can show my best side!!

However, play-day can often have a dark side...... we get maintained sometimes!!!!!!!!!!

This is Zoe and me undergoing some claw cutting and buffing - mum and uncie gang up to do unpleasant things to us! Lucky we get liver treats at the end!!

After quite some time of general play, chasey, and bitey face. Zoe and I slipped outside. Scarlet stayed with mum and uncie.

Zoe spotted mum's nice newly pot of plants that she planted about a week ago. I have been sniffing the pot and sampling a little of the mulch. Zoe spotted this new addition to my backyard and SHRIEKED:

Zoe: RUBIE! We must do something about auntie's pot - it's grown weeds!!!!!!!!  I think they are the pinkius weeddius variety, very bad! Let's help!!!!!

Zoe: I'm telling you Rubie, these little bushes with pink flowers are a nasty weed, and we need to eradicate them!

Zoe: We need to completely pull them from the pot,

Zoe: and place then in a pile - then take each one and PULL it to BITS! That way these nasty weeds can't multiply and spread all over auntie's garden beds! She will be pleased.

However, I can't quite work it out..... but SHE WASN'T PLEASED. In fact, we got a stern talking to and grumbled at - and, we didn't get to taste dessert! I think it's what you call....."the bad books"..

Technically - ZOE DID IT!!

Scarlet: Dunderheads!........ don't you know that Santy Paws won't bring you treats now?!? Lucky he knows I had nothing to do with your gardening efforts!!

            Zoe: I was only twying to help!! Maybe I should work on my plant identification??

Scarlet:  You think???????????????

Scarlet: All I can say is, I was inside with the humans the WHOLE time - and Santy Paws knows it - Blllllllllllllhhhhhhhhh (blowing raspberry noise). He he he........

After a little time, we decided that we would sit nicely for the flashy box and give mum the star shot of the visit so she can "fancy it up" for my blog......

See Mum, we can sit nicely and be good girls...... 

Do you think you can still put in a good word for us with Santy Paws????? See what you can do....

(I hope Santy Paws can bring her a big pot of nice flowers!!!)

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  1. Oh Santy Paws knows that you are just a pup! I'm sure he won't hold it against you, he is very nice.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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