Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Sneak Preview

I wanted to show you a sneak look at my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe. Scarlet was my uncie's first mini schnauzer and she arrived at his house in July 2009. She is very sweet, and kinda misses my uncie when he is not around. She also steps in and teaches me doggie manners when I'm being too annoying.

Scarlet at my place

My younger cousin Zoe arrived at Adelaide Airport and into my uncie's arms on the 22nd April, 2010. She came by big plane from Sydney, NSW. She is the smallest of all of us, but thinks she is the big britches... She may be small, but she packs a schnauzer punch. She is sneaky too. We play a lot of bitey face together.

Zoe trying on MY jumper

Here is a picture of all three of us together in my backyard. I love their visits, but mum and dad have a lot of sweeping to do after they go home..... we have zoomies over the garden beds and the mulches goes flying!

Enjoying the fresh air - and schnoofling the ground

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