Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look at lot like.......wwwhhhatt?? Whhaats a Christmas??

Tuesdays I rest - you saw what happens on a Monday - and believe you me -you only got a liddle widdle snapshot of the calories burned yesterday!

While trying to rest on my custom made green faux fur feather pillow (NOT spoiled much), strange activities started to unravel. First dad carried in all these boxes and this started to get sorted on the floor:

What the ???

It appears that dad has gone bonkers.... he's collected little bits of PLASTIC tree!

Then my mum started opening other boxes and stuff like this started pouring out.... I was allowed to sniff a small selection:

Smells a bit like paint tinged with fine dust..... definitely not nice smells like carrot balls or liver treats! 

After loads of activity (normally my parents don't do this much stuff!) they had built a tree, put little flashy lights on it, put silver and red bits on it (mum says it's a red and silver theme this year!?) and gave it a funny red skirt - I copped something too!!

See the tree's skirt?

Mum gave me a Christmas decoration toooo!!! What sort of tradition is this????

And what's a Christmas anyway?  I hope there's something in it for me!!!

As if this day was not strange enuf already... then it went dark outside and dark, dark clouds started rolling in.........then..........my worst puppy nightmare!!!!!!!!! THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!! (and rain).

I don't know what the dicken's it is....but it's sure loud! Don't like!

Me shaking and getting into my safe spot..... UNDER the coffee table.

What's going on..... it's supposed to be summer mum!!!!

Rubie's mum: Hi everyone, Adelaide is experiencing almost tropical weather at the moment. Even though it is stormy and rainy - it was 33 degrees today and quite humid. Australia is experiencing a weird weather pattern with much rain, storms and flooding in many towns. It make a change from many years of drought!


  1. Yeah people get all bonky and make trees in the house every year. We don't know why, but usually there are extra treats for everyone, so I say just go with the flow. Maybe if your lucky Santy Paws will visit you!

    When there is loud thunder here I guard the bathtub to keep it safe from harm.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Oh Santy Paws.... maybe he will play tennis balls with me when he visits!! Yay!

    Are you inside the bathtub to guard it? Do you think the Thunder wants to take it? I like something OVER me like a table, bed or covers!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  3. Aww, don't be scared about the thunder. My doggie Aschiuta was extremely scared when someone was firing fireworks one night. She trembled and kept her tail between her legs. But it's ok, there's nothing to be afraid of.

    Look forward to Christmas, it's lots of fun, with the whole family and a lot of food :D


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