Friday, December 17, 2010

I want to show you my park!

I'm a lucky puppy because I organise my mum, dad or both to take me on a local walk almost everyday... today I wanted to show you my park and share a strange event. There appears to be a special appearance by a big red and white man who has popped up on the balcony of the blue house on the hill. My parents watched this house being built a few years ago - we can see it from our backyard. Here goes:

Here's me guiding dad out of our driveway - good dad!

Here's the beginning of the "loop" around my park - it's about 100 meters from our driveway.

We've already crossed a little bridge..............

Looking backwards..........things are greener because we have not had much burning sun days yet and we have had unseasonal rain in December - mum tells me it is unusual.

We have now reached my Duckpond...........see the duckies!

Sometimes I act like I want to jump in there with the duckies... but I'm not allowed to - it would mean another bath when I got home - and we all know what I think of that! UUrrcchh!

Time to schnoofle a bit before crossing this next bridge - mum carries the "dwink-a-dink" bottle and I normally am feeling a bit parched at this stage, so a dwink is welcome.

A pensive look while on the little bridge. When I was a baby schnauzer I was a little scared of these bridges.... but they don't scare me no-more!!

ACTION shot of me guiding my dad - I look serious don't I!?!

We've looped back onto the shared walkway with people on bikes... I need to remember not to swerve on the path too much - I don't want to get runned over by a bike!!

Heading to the second baby pond.

Come on mum! Here's the little baby pond!

I'm posing nicely for the shot.....

But these birds are shouting at me....I think they want the baby pond all to themselves!

Almost finished our circuit of my park....

Can u see this mysterious sight on the blue house balcony???? I think someone has captured Santy Paws and won't let him out. Mum said he is sunbathing there until Christmas - then he will bring me and Oskar and all other pet bloggers TREATS!! You can click on this photo and enlarge him!

We are back on the path to home - we could continue up the path straight ahead of me (and sometimes we do) - it also has a duck pond - and it goes for 1500 meters to my mum's shopping centre - we get my mince and doggie cookies up there! I know - I check the shopping bags when they come home. 

OOhh - feeling tired - just as well we are home - I think I've enuf energy to stagger up the driveway!

The post-walk tradition - humans brushing and combing the sticky bits of debris and grass seeds that I collect on my walk - they don't let me keep that stuff! Humpf!

Not too bad a collection today!

So that's my now when I say I went for a walk today to the park - you kinda know what I'm talking about. It's a nice place. People often talk to me and sometimes pat me - and then say "I'm cute!" - I love that part!


  1. Oh wow, we feel that we have walked with you in that park! Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Now we will know what you're talking about when you said you went for a walk in the park.

  2. Rubie you are soooo lucky to live in such a LOVELY area! You have a park right outside your driveway!!
    I loved seeing all of the greenery and duckies and is so nice to see where our blogging buddies live so we may picture them on their daily activities.
    You were quite observant to notice that (man in the red and white suit!!) If you are a good doggie he will bring you lots and lots of presents!!
    Glad you aren't afraid of the bridge anymore too!
    Have a great day!

  3. Rubie, I am absolutely envious of your park! All we have around the house are a big parking lot and a noisy market...

    You are really lucky!

  4. Thank you for sharing photos of that beautiful park. All of you are so lucky.

  5. What a great walk. Thanks for showing us all the sights. I did biggify the man in red... WOW is he big. I hope they let him out in time for Christmas.

    Have a great weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. What a beautiful place! It's nice that Santy Paws has a warmer place than the North Pole to hang out. Snow gets too cold after awhile.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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